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Zoo play guide

2018-03-04 09:36:00

The zoo is very suitable for taking the baby to play, and check the weather in advance, generally all four seasons are suitable for travel. Here is the tour route, time, and precautions. You can do the best planning with the least amount of time. Instead of wasting time on unnecessary things.


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If you go by subway, you can take subway Line 5 and get off at Zoo Station and exit B. You can see the main gate of the zoo.


If you drive, you'd better get there before 10:30, otherwise the parking space will be very tight. Especially on weekends or holidays. There is also a parking space at the main gate of the zoo, but there is only one row, generally no space, and the parking fee is 5 yuan/hour.


You can drive directly to the south gate parking lot of the zoo, when there are more parking Spaces, the parking fee is 2 yuan/hour, but it is also best to travel early on the weekend.

Play guide

Tickets are also divided into full ticket, half ticket, free ticket system. General 60-65 years old, students for half the ticket, 65 years old and above, less than 1.2 meters of children free. The full ticket price is 20 yuan. However, there are some items and places that require additional tickets. Animal Square. Details can be found in the figure below. This was taken in April of '18. It's relatively new.


You can find these on the left of the ticket hall at the zoo or inside the zoo, or you can look at the back of the ticket. You can choose which areas to go to according to your needs. With the baby does not like to see birds, you can roughly browse out.


Public restrooms are on your right after you enter through the south door. On the left is the Flamingos area, the beautiful and elegant flamingos sleeping standing posture is very beautiful, which led the two-year-old baby to watch for more than ten minutes.


Walking straight along the river, you can see a huge statue of a dinosaur, which is very attractive to babies. You can take a picture with a dinosaur right here.


Next to the dinosaur statue is a large rose garden, which is also a good place to take photos.


If you go left, you'll find birds. They're big inside. And go in, there are pools on both sides of the road, just into the pool there are a lot of tadpoles, with a larger baby can tell them about tadpoles related knowledge, the little guys will be very interested.


There are many kinds of wild chickens in the birds, such as the red-bellied neck chicken. There are also many kinds of parrots.


Come out from the birds, there is a small pavilion to relax, you can also eat some of your own fruit snacks here. There is a small grass next to it, the air is very good. There's a blue peacock sleeping outside the cage on the left.


Keep going and you can see a lake with hundreds of swans playing in the water.


Walking along the lake, you can see the elephant, just saw the elephant eating an apple, sucking up an apple with its nose into its mouth, the babies like to see the elephant's nose very much, and have been imitating the elephant's nose next to it.


Then you can see the giraffes, there are about a dozen giraffes, in a row to eat the leaves of the branches is very cute.


On the left are the zebras, the fat zebras seem to be lunch time, have been eating grass feed.


Go ahead and see a mother kangaroo taking a lunch break in the sun, and the noisy kangaroo mother outside is still sleeping well. Another mother kangaroo was photographed up close in the garden next to it.


If you don't bring enough lunch at noon, you can come to the square canteen to eat, but the price is more expensive here, generally 10 yuan a bucket of instant noodles, and 8 yuan a bottle of mineral water. There is a sink on the right where the baby can wash his hands.


Continue to visit if you can see the panda house, with a larger baby, you can learn some knowledge about pandas, there are a lot of little knowledge about pandas on the wall here, there are window style panda kitchen, there are a variety of panda ingredients and tableware.


Out is the monkey mountain, not too many monkeys. There were hundreds of monkeys here a few years ago. But the babies love to interact with them. Monkey mountain go up is a children's playground, if you do not want the baby to play, you can take a detour, because there are too many amusement facilities here, some babies each have to play, and sit directly on it will not come down. The whole ticket can be universal, 10 yuan per person, and the time is about 3-5 minutes.


Further up are Tiger Mountain, Bear Mountain, the gorilla house, and the aquarium. Crane Lake is also good. If you're not in a hurry, you can do it all. The zoo usually closes at 6 p.m.


The above is a guide to a day at the zoo, and it will be updated in the future. If there is a supplement welcome message.

Matters needing attention

The zoo is best to choose a cloudy day, not very sun.


Parents with babies should prepare hot water, the park does not provide free hot water.