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Zinc steel balcony guardrail and balcony guardrail how to assemble?

2018-04-18 22:24:58

Balcony guardrail is a protective tool that can be seen in daily life. There are many kinds of materials, and today the guardrail sister will introduce the installation steps of the balcony guardrail.


Zinc steel guardrail


Select the appropriate guardrail before installation. Common guardrail zinc steel balcony guardrail, ordinary guardrail. Zinc steel guardrail has high strength, bright color, convenient transportation, etc., has become the preferred material for engineering construction, villas, residential areas, residential areas, real estate villas and so on. Select the corresponding materials according to different needs


The measurement length must first measure the total length of the balcony, and then determine the distance between the balcony guardrail columns according to the total length, usually the distance of the column can not exceed 1.2 meters.


Fixed column After determining the distance of the column, install the column. Then the other accessories are installed.


The information illegally crawled from experience

Matters needing attention

Determine the quantity according to the total length to avoid waste.