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Zhouzhuang travel guide guide

2018-03-20 12:48:00

Zhouzhuang travel guide, I hope to help you and learn from!


"Gather the beauty of China's mountains and rivers, Zhouzhuang gathers the beauty of China's water towns". If you want to choose the most representative water town in China, there is no doubt that she is "China's first water town" Zhouzhuang. No wonder the APEC meeting in 2001 also favored Zhouzhuang and designated it as one of the other venues. Zhouzhuang Town is located 38 kilometers south of Kunshan City, the town has a history of more than 900 years. It is a typical "small bridge, flowing water, home". The charm of Zhouzhuang lies in its cultural implication. The famous places of interest, such as the Shen Hall, the Zhang Hall, the Mystery Tower, the former Residence of Ye Chuang, the Chengxu Temple and the Quanfu Temple, are of high historical, cultural and ornamental value. Where there is a river, there is a bridge. There are many ancient Bridges in Zhouzhuang, which is very distinctive. Famous, Fuan Bridge and so on. In 2003, Zhouzhuang was awarded the "Cultural Heritage Protection Award" by the Asia-Pacific Department of UNESCO, and in the same year, it was awarded the title of the first batch of "Historic and Cultural Towns" in China.


[Ticket] : [Zhouzhuang Scenic Spot Day Tour] : including Shen Hall, Cultural Street and other 16 scenic spots (08:00-16:00) 100 yuan [Zhouzhuang Scenic spot Night Tour] : Including water tour (except winter), love, Zhang Hall nostalgia, Fuan Bridge night pan, feel the old street (16:00-21:00) 80 yuan (21:00-7:00) no admission fee. Fare description: Under high school (including high school) student group (more than 10 people) with student ID 50% discount, college student group (more than 10 people) with student ID 20% discount senior citizens over 60 years old with valid ID 50% discount disabled people with disability ID 50% discount children under 1 meter free ticket, 50% discount for children from 1.1 to 1.4 meters National tourist guide card, press card, valid military ID and driver A license are free


[Friendly reminder] : If a tricycle driver says you can take you into the town for free, don't believe it, because even if you go in, you can't get into one of the small attractions in the town. If you have A tourist guide pass, military license, or driver's license (make sure you have A license), the certificate is free.


【 Water Village customs 】 Zhouzhuang tea culture has a long history, and has always had the custom of eating "grandma tea", "talking tea", drinking "happy tea", "spring tea", "full moon tea", and so on, which is called "tea ceremony". Sixian Xuanquan is a traditional folk art of Zhouzhuang that has been circulating for nearly 200 years. Every time it is performed, just like the scene in Lu Xun's "Social Drama", the other side of the bustling water town is in front of our eyes. Zhouzhuang women's traditional dress is still quite distinctive, narrow sleeve flower flaperon, floral base, exquisite embroidery, women's delicate and delicate can be seen. With a long history, rich cultural precipitation and unique natural environment, Zhouzhuang has formed a variety of folk festival activities. Shaking the fast boat Zhouzhuang began in the early Qing Dynasty, Zhouzhuang and other places every year on the eighth day of the third lunar month, July 15 temple fair, shaking the fast boat race on the water. After hundreds of years of history, shaking the fast ship has become a popular large-scale entertainment activity for folk festivals, happy harvest, and weddings. Farmers bring their own boats, costumes, props, gongs and drums, each boat with a pole, size oar each on the left and right sides of the hull, and equipped with fifteen or six strong OARS, jump, pull the awning, the oar, cooperate with each other, the ship like flying arrows out of the string, with gongs and drums cheer, spectacular scene. The lantern of Zhouzhuang is famous far and wide, and every time it is held, there are crowds of visitors. The lantern originated in the Qing Dynasty and was held to meet the southern tour of Kangxi the Great. Later, it gradually became a traditional entertainment project for the local people and was held once every three to five years. When it was held, the scene was very huge, dozens of ships were tied with elaborate colored lights, and the formation was changed with the accompaniment of strings, or into a word snake, or like a double dragon snatch beads, when urgent and slow, when advancing and retreating, the changes were endless. At this time, the wave of light flow Cui, lights swaying, oar sound Yiyi, it appears beautiful, elegant and spectacular, thus winning the "first light" reputation. At that time, on the Lantern Festival night of the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, the farmers of Wuzhong used straw to burn in the field, which was called "burning the field", and Zhou Zhuang called it "playing the field." On the Lantern Festival day, on the square of Niulang Temple in Zhouzhuang, mast poles are set up and colorful lights are hung on both sides. Straw is tied to the top, firecrackers are hidden inside, flammable objects and mud are coated, and then yellow paper is pasted, which is "Tian CAI". At night, people came from all directions, excitedly fired firecrackers, firecrackers, and shot at "Tian CAI" in turn. Until "Tian CAI" was hit, full of joy, farmers scrambling to take the straw to "Tian CAI" up ignition, waving in the air, and then to burn the corner of the field. At this time, the fire in the field is like a meteor, and the prayer is high and long, hoping that the crops will be plentiful and the country will be prosperous and the people will be safe.


[Fixed daily festivals/activities] : (1) Ancient opera stage (Kunqu opera, folk songs, etc.) (2) Street (Traditional folk handicraft performances: blacksmithing, paper cutting, straw weaving, clay sculpture, spinning, weaving, wine making, billet making, etc.) (3) Jubin Building (Pingtan performance, and provide Longjing, Tieguanyin, Biluochun and other famous tea and Zhouzhuang special tea for tourists to choose.) (4) Water Lane (Osprey fishing show arranged.) (5) Night tour of Zhouzhuang (from late March to late November, feel the soft night of the ancient town and watch the large-scale scene performance of "Four Seasons Zhouzhuang")


(2) Folk performances (Quanfu South Road arranges traditional folk performances: lake boat, lotus car, flower basket, etc.; The streets of the ancient town arrange "Shen Wansan cruise", etc.) (3) Water Town Clipper (from late March to late November, water town Clipper will be arranged in Water lane.)


【 Tea Culture Exhibition 】 Time: April (Zhouzhuang tea ceremony culture demonstration, such as Grandma tea, eating tea, happy tea, full moon tea, entering tea, etc.)


【 Cultural Tourism Theme activities 】 Opening Ceremony time: April (1) "Zhouzhuang" poem Grand Prix award and "Poetic Zhouzhuang" debut (2) "Forever Zhouzhuang" excellent photography work evaluation activities (3) Carefully organized cultural tourism theme activities throughout the year


[Quanfu Temple Fair] Time: Late April (lunar March 28 flood is the traditional temple fair festival in Zhouzhuang, when the temple in front of the feast shed, worship, incense, dense. Around the theater, dragon dance, lion dance, flower basket picking, lotus cage playing, opera singing, kneading dough people and other folk culture and technical performances to attract visitors.)


[Dragon Boat Festival] Time: May (the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, is the traditional Chinese folk festival - Dragon Boat Festival. Due to regional differences, the Dragon Boat Festival in Zhouzhuang has the characteristics of a water village, and its contents mainly include: When the daughter returns to her mother's home, hang the image of Zhong Kui, welcome the ghost ship, hide the Wu, post the Wu leaf symbol, hang calamus, moxa grass, wear sachet, dragon boat racing, jousting, batting, swinging, drinking realgar wine, calamus wine, eating salted eggs, zongzi and seasonal fresh fruit, etc., the activities will be in the form of game competitions to invite tourists and local residents to participate.)


[Water activities] Time: June to August (Zhouzhuang is located in a water town surrounded by lakes and rivers, so the traditional water activities are rich and colorful. The most famous are dragon boats, paddling lanterns, shaking fast boats, lake swinging boats, wind sailing boats, river lanterns, eagle fishing, fishing and other kinds of water traditional activities and competitions, which tourists can both watch and participate in.)

Matters needing attention

Be safe when boating!