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Zhang Qiming new elements in mobile marketing

2018-04-17 20:48:26

The advent of the mobile Internet era has spawned and promoted the development of mobile marketing, so in mobile marketing, what new elements should we seize in order to surprise and win in mobile marketing? 1. Tools, content and services There are many mobile apps, which are tools to meet the specific needs of consumers, but when content appears on this tool, the stickiness of consumers will increase. If services can be provided based on such apps, their marketing value will be further amplified and become a precision marketing tool for subgroups.       2. Personality is too small compared with the size of accurate mobile devices and PC screens, and users' tolerance for irrelevant content and advertisements is very low. Therefore, it is very important to personalize mobile marketing by analyzing mobile user behavior analysis and data mining. Accurate mobile Internet marketing can be provided according to user location information, user interests, terminal categories, and time periods, and one-to-one more accurate communication will become a reality in the future. At the same time, mobile marketing needs to respect consumer personalization. 3. Emotion and scene is a terminal with emotions and emotions, and people's moving track has the characteristics of scene transfer. Therefore, mobile marketing first needs to consider how to mobilize consumer sentiment, for example, Durex recently launched a new product APP on the couple can take some photos before making out, can beautify, decorate and so on. 4. Entertainment and fun All industries are entertainment, mobile Internet era, need to think about how to embed advertising in entertainment, fun has become very important. 5. Instant response and action acceleration All marketing purposes are to achieve action, so consumers can complete the closed loop of marketing from seeing an advertisement to making a transaction to constitute a purchase. Based on the combination of specific living Spaces and scenes with mobile marketing, it can also accelerate action, for example, in the building advertising of office buildings, many brands have launched the interaction of two-dimensional code to obtain coupons, which is similar to the second kill way, can make consumers take action when stopping consumers. 6. Benefits and rewards survey shows that 76.6% of respondents are interested in offers/rewards. eMarketer data shows that in 2014, one out of every four smart users redeemed coupons. Mobile marketing also needs to give consumers rewards. Thus, consumers are driven to enter the mobile e-commerce platform or collect offers and generate physical actions. 7. Transscreen and transmedia mobile technologies become the glue that organically integrates consumer touchpoints and can be combined with all other marketing touchpoints and screens, including TVS, outdoor LCD TVS, cinema screens, print media and in-media. Therefore, cross-screen and cross-terminal mobile marketing must pay attention to, for example, when placing TV ads should cooperate with, etc., to achieve greater deep communication value, or let TV ads interact with each other. 8. Localization and O2O For many enterprises, the last mile of consumers through mobile marketing is the most important goal, and the diversification of user localization scenes has spawned the demand for local marketing. 9. Ethnic group and community Ethnic group is what mobile marketing needs to study to distinguish groups, and the construction of mobile communities based on common topics or common consumer characteristics has become a new marketing trend. 10. Holography and interaction is also a holographic media. Enterprises can combine intelligent features to explore new advertising models, such as location-based advertising push, shake and blow advertising, and LBS advertising can also tell consumers where the nearest door is. It is a terminal that can use text, image, audio, video and other types of information to transmit.