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Your life may not be all of it, but its life is only you

2018-03-15 14:24:00

Want a dog to keep you company when you're lonely? Perhaps you have had the same thought! Here are some dogs to introduce! If you're going to buy a dog, treat it well


Hutchison medium-sized dog, 500~2200 yuan husky personality is very lively and docile, almost no active attack on human phenomenon. For the status of dogs in China, the docile little dog can give you and the dog a certain advantage in the surrounding environment, which is easier to be accepted. Husky likes to play, it can not be tired and you play for a few hours, most of the time you are tired of sticking out your tongue, it is still not done, these bring happiness, is beyond words to describe.


Poodle small dog, 500~2000 yuan poodle smart, sociable, gentle, IQ in the dog second oh ~ poodle temperament unique, changeable shape, won the favor of many people, give a person a beautiful, smart impression.


The bulldog is a lively, intelligent, muscular dog with a heavy bone, smooth coat, compact structure, and medium to small size. The expression was alert, curious and interested. The French bulldog is kind, generous, loyal, persistent, brave, with a unique taste, and fully expressed in expression and action. He is kind to children, but also an excellent toy dog with strong style, strong ability and strong curiosity for new things.


The teacup dog is actually a poodle, but it is less than 8 inches in size and weighs less than 4 pounds, so it is small enough to fit in a teacup. Teacup dog is small and very cute, but its life expectancy is only less than 10 years old, if it decides to take good care of you.

Matters needing attention

Any life deserves respect and love, if you decide to make your own choice, you must take good care of it!