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You can also have the pink eye makeup of a female star

2018-03-08 17:36:00

You can also have the pink eye makeup of a female star


The first step is to rub the concealer on the finger abdomen, and make the concealer more suitable through the temperature of the finger abdomen, which can not only correct the skin tone and dark circles, but also make the follow-up makeup more suitable and lasting.


Step 2 If you want to avoid the puffy eyes caused by pink eyeshadow, you can avoid the doubt of puffy eyes by first rubbing on the earth color paste eyeshadow base.


Step 3 Use an eyeshadow brush to apply a large piece of pink pearl eyeshadow over the entire eye socket, and don't forget to apply a little on the lower lid to brighten the eyes.


Step 4 Using a heavy-tip eyeshadow brush, apply a stronger coral pink eyeshadow to the eye fold.


Step 5 Apply a small amount of pearl eyeshadow to the thin end of the eyeshadow stick, shine your eyes and focus your eyes.


Step 6 Use thicker eyeliner, it is recommended to choose a pink system with some coffee (or directly use a coffee eyeliner can also be), strengthen the triangle zone at the end of the eye, making the eyes bigger and deeper.