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WQK type cutting submersible sewage pump role

2018-04-13 04:48:27

The passing capacity is particularly strong, and it can effectively pass solid particles with a diameter of about 60% of the pump diameter. Belt cutting performance is good, can be sewage in the long fiber, plastic, paper, tape, cloth, straw, rope and other impurities chopped out


Explanatory introduction


Scope of application




It can cut up long fiber, plastic, paper, tape, cloth, straw, rope and other impurities in sewage and then remove them. Using advanced methods, designed into a reasonable hydraulic characteristics, so that the electric pump can run full head, electric pump with high quality carbide, double mechanical seal and skeleton oil seal combination of dynamic tight structure


WQK submersible sewage pump is mainly used for engineering sewage, domestic sewage. Such as: (1) the basement of various high-rise buildings, civil air defense pits, subway and other underground sewage discharge. (2) Sewage treatment and circulating water transportation for small and medium-sized enterprises. (3) Used in construction sites, engineering infrastructure construction, municipal facilities, tap water.


(4) Food, paper making, brewing, steel and non-ferrous metals, leather, textile, pharmaceutical, cement and other mining enterprises slag slurry pumping. (5) Chicken farms, pig farms, various aquaculture industries, fish ponds for pumping pond, oxygen, septic tanks and other occasions of human and animal feces pumping and other functions. sdlvbei003

Matters needing attention

Working for a long time, the pump motor is allowed to expose the liquid face, shall not exceed 1/2 of the height of the motor, and the temperature of pumping dirt shall not exceed 60℃.