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Winter tour guide to the northeast

2018-04-30 22:24:00

Take you to see the snow, enjoy the ice sculpture, see the rime, ice skating, experience the traditional winter fishing..... Enjoy the experience and then soak in the snow, eat a big pot of stew, sleep in the Northeast unique fire kang sound dream, very comfortable! Winter to the northeast, happy tour guide to go!


Transportation: Download transportation (such as maps, maps) related apps in advance


Documents: ID card, old age card, student card and other relevant documents are well taken


Communication:, charger, be sure to bring a charging bank (low temperature, fast battery consumption)


Medicine: cold medicine, digestive medicine, Band-aid, motion sickness medicine, etc

Choose the mode of travel according to your own situation:

With a group tour: Find a reputable travel agency on the Internet or near your home, and the travel agency will formulate the itinerary according to your overall situation, arrange transportation, accommodation and catering, and tour various scenic spots with the tour guide. The advantages are worry and safety; The disadvantage is that the number of participants considered, the itinerary is generally more compact, generally more tired.


Free travel: through the Internet to find some people who have been to the experience, guidelines, their own planning routes, their own booking transportation, accommodation and catering. The advantage is relatively free, according to the situation can adjust the itinerary at any time, not too tired to play, can deeply experience the cultural customs of the tourist destination; The disadvantage is that there is insufficient advance arrangement, transportation, accommodation and catering will encounter unexpected situations, which is more troublesome. More suitable for young people, online to form a small team to travel together.

Attractions and Routes:

There are more snow days in the winter in Northeast China, and once there is heavy snow, road traffic and accommodation arrangements will be more troublesome, so before you travel, make travel arrangements according to the weather forecast; You can also arrange your schedule reasonably according to your own situation, try to play leisurely, don't be too tired, otherwise you will lose the meaning of tourism. The most famous attractions: 1: Rime Island - one of the four natural wonders of China, provinces and cities 2: China snow village - dream fairy tale world, the amount of snow can be called China's largest, and the snow quality is good, high viscosity, "Dad Where to go" shooting location, double (Min) Feng Forest farm 3: Central (Min) Yang Street - a commercial pedestrian street in northeast China is very prosperous 4: Saint Sophia Church - the largest Orthodox church in the Far East 5: long - "Today's land" recommended China's ten mountains, the first peak in the northeast, provinces, counties and cities within the county 6: Jingpo Lake - China's largest, the world's second largest mountain quake lake, there may be a winter fishing activities organized by the scenic spot


(December of each year to January of the next year is the best time to travel) : Day 1: Departure point -- Day 2: -- Yabuli Ski Resort: → Yabuli Ski Resort Skiing → Chinese food (optional Northeast characteristics of iron pot stew) → Milia's House → Fireworks bonfire party → Experience the snow mountain cold place → night stay wine or B&B (with traditional fire pit) Day 3: Yabuli -- Snow Village: Santa Claus Village → Yabuli Forest Museum → Chinese Food (can experience the pig killing feast) → Snow Yun Street → Snow Wonderland → Night stay wine or bed and breakfast (with traditional fire pit) Day 4 Option 1: Snow Village -- Yabuli -- : Where China Snow Valley dad go to the fairy tale park, experience the snow long drift, the UFO track snow wheel, parent-child paradise → Weihu Village → Lunch: The celebration dinner → The second skiing → Snow Lotus Castle wine Day 4 Scheme 2: Snow Village -- Jingpo Lake Day 5: One day tour: Russian style town → Ussuri Boat Song Scenic Area → Sophia Church Square → Central Street → Flood control Ji (anti-sensitive) Nian (anti-sensitive) Tower → Si (anti-sensitive) Da (anti-sensitive) Forest Park Day 6: --


: Day 1: From --, at night you can visit [Tian (Min) Main Cathedral (Min)] Day 2: -- Dunhua -- : → Rime Island → Lunch via Dunhua → East Cultural Park (Changfirst Lake Swallow Lake, Prayer Corridor, Manhan family, Linxia Shenji (anti-sensitivity) ground, washing ginseng Pool, Meihua Deer Park) → Evening check-in wine (After dinner can soak high heat volcano) Day 3: -- Chang-Dunhua: Breakfast → Changjing Area (Changice Waterfall, Julong Group, Changtianchi, Tian, Luyuan Tan, Chao (Min) Fresh Folk Village) Day 4: Dunhua -- Glacier Snow Valley -- Snow Village (or next destination) Day 5: Snow Village -- Yabuli --


Northeast cuisine has three major characteristics, black, salty, sticky, heavy taste, but the dish is large, large amount, mainly stew, you can ask not to put salt or put less salt when cooking. Special food delicious and affordable, grilled sausage, Ma Diere Popsicle, pot wrapped meat, dumplings, barbecue, pork, spring cake for the foodie must be satisfied to eat.

Dress for warmth:

Winter is very cold, especially in winter in January and February will be particularly cold, the temperature is generally around 20 to 30 degrees below zero. Try to bring some clothes (a set of warm inside (anti-sensitivity) clothes, two sweaters, a pair of wool pants, wear a pair of ordinary pants, a down coat), masks are sure to bring, to prevent the face from frostbite, if you like to play in the snow, it is recommended to prepare under the storm pants, storm jackets, snow boots, to the snow country to wear more! Put on more! Put on more! Shoes can be bought, can buy hiking shoes, but our ordinary leather shoes, transport (anti-sensitivity) shoes can not be used, the Northeast people pay most attention to protect the feet, as long as the feet are not cold, the whole body will not be cold, and hats pay attention to protect the ears.


Transportation: If it is a self-guided tour, the train, the green car eliminated in the south is still in use in the northeast, the car body is very broken, only between the provincial capital and the city will have high-speed rail and mobile (anti-sensitive) car connection. The road condition is still ok, but the northeast is large and abundant, and the distance between the city and the city and the scenic spots is far, so each connection needs to take a half day's car, and the remaining half day is in the tour.


Folklore: Northeast girls do not like to be called small (anti-sensitive) sister, generally we call women who are older than us big sister, small sister, big male brother, and small brother. You can also call beautiful (anti-sensitive) handsome women. The northeast people have a straight personality and speak louder.


Safety: When walking on ice or snow, remember to "walk without lifting your feet high, slide in small steps and fall, do not insert your hands into your pockets, and fall without accident." Keep your cash and valuables safe. It is best not to carry a lot of cash on you when visiting. Passport, cash and other valuables should not be placed in the coat pocket, in case of loss or theft.


Camera: The camera and battery will reduce performance when cold, but will return to normal when returned to room temperature. Therefore, when the camera is outside, it should be kept warm in the coat, and when it is used, it should be done quickly, and it should be put back in the coat immediately after the shooting. Be sure to hang the camera around your neck in case you drop it. From the cold outside into the room, the frozen camera surface will flood with water, easy to damage the parts. The best way is to wrap the camera in a plastic bag before entering the room, put it in a satchel and bring it indoors, and then open the plastic bag after two hours, so that there will be no flooding.


Near the train station, many people are going to various scenic spots under the banner of attracting, these people surface enthusiasm, in fact, the pit is very, if you are not careful you will fall into the situation of being ripped off, ripped off more money does not say, the mood of tourism will be greatly affected.


It is best to book wine in advance before coming, if you do not book, ask about the convenience of accommodation there in advance, scenic spot tickets are also best to find someone to book, otherwise the queue up too affect the mood of play


More attractions and tourism information: recommend you to do a good job before travel, you can download Ctrip, where, Tuniu and other travel apps, get more travel tips, you can also book tickets, tickets, wine, etc., online in advance, may enjoy more discounts, but also make travel guaranteed.

Matters needing attention

If you are a group of glasses, it is best to wear contact lenses. Because the heat from your face will fill your lenses and block your vision


To prevent snow blindness, there is more snow in the north in winter, and the reflection of snow is larger, so you need to wear sunglasses when going out, especially when skiing outside the room for a long time, you must wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.