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Windows 10 how to customize personalized start screen tiles

2018-04-09 06:24:47

win10's open screen should be said to attract a lot of people's attention, it is convenient and more characteristic, but win10's beginning screen magnetic paste has very few things, how to add their own things to it?




This article is based on experience


First, locate the installation location of the software, right-click on the main program, and select Fix to the Start screen.


At this point, the software will appear on the start screen, if you do not want to fix, choose to cancel from the start screen.


Second, how to pin the file to the start screen. We all know that common items can be fixed on the Windows manager for quick startup, so it would be more convenient if you could also fix them in the Start menu.


However, if we take any file as an example, we can see that the right click does not select fixed to the start screen.


At this point, we need to know the correct desktop location of the Start screen, the folder location is: C:\Users\ your user name \AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs


I believe that at this time, we will understand, as long as the shortcut to the file is placed here, it is OK. We right-click on the file body and select Create Shortcut, then drag the shortcut to this place.


At this point, you have the file shortcut on the start screen. We can just drag it to create a tile.