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Which sports do not wear contact lenses

2018-03-03 04:48:00

Which sports can not wear contact lenses When summer sports, sweat mixed with air dust flow to the eyes, if wearing contact lenses fear damage to the cornea. In particular, the following sports should not be carried out with contact lenses.


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The increase in the number of patients with eye diseases in the summer of ball games is speculated to be closely related to frequent outdoor activities. Playing is a sport with high physical contact, contact lenses are easy to fall or scratch when colliding, and the sight is constantly shaking, which is easy to cause dry eyes; If the lens does not match the corneal arc, it is more likely to cause corneal skin breakage.


Jogging, cycling and other sports, for a long time in the wind will lead to the loss of tears, contact lenses gradually become dry, hardened, more likely to damage the corneal epithelium, causing eye pain, redness, and even inflammation, and dust, sweat and other foreign bodies are also easy to enter the eye, causing eye discomfort.


Do not wear contact lenses during water activities. When swimming or diving, if you wear contact lenses, the bacteria in the water are easy to adsorb on the lens, causing eye discomfort and stimulating the cornea. Once the cornea is defective, it is more likely to induce acute eye diseases. When surfing, the lens is impacted by the waves, which may cause the lens to break, and scratch the cornea, and in severe cases, the cornea is afraid of ulceration, and even the risk of blindness.

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