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What to do if the bathroom leaks?

2018-04-04 04:48:56

Occasionally there may be such a situation at home, suddenly found that the ceiling on the top of the bathroom is dripping down, although this situation may not be rare, but it may be encountered. Apparently, the bathroom is leaking. Not necessarily the old house will appear such a situation, just renovated a year or two of the new house may also appear such a situation oh, this time how to do? Xiaobian has also recently experienced toilet leakage, so let's share some practical solutions and steps. Of course, not specifically how to repair water seepage.


Bathroom ceiling waterproof floor property upstairs homeowners and so on


First of all, do not panic, the first time to the upstairs owner, if not knock on the door, in short, to upstairs neighbors to check the situation. If the upstairs water valve is forgotten to close, let him inform him to close it quickly, so as to avoid more serious leakage and greater losses.


Secondly, to the first time to the property, if not the upstairs owner, you can find the upstairs neighbor through the property, notify him. Let the property send staff to check the registration related situation, especially if the upstairs has not been renovated, be sure to inform the property to view the scene.


When communicating with neighbors, focus on the water leakage situation and this incident, do not blame too much, because no one wants such a thing to happen. Discuss ways to deal with it. And deal with it early. I believe that the owner of the upstairs will also pay attention to this matter, because the leak is not a small thing.


Together to find out the cause of water leakage, if the waterproof layer of the upstairs bathroom is not done, it must be found by the maintenance master upstairs to see, you can be a professional hydropower master, go downstairs, open the ceiling of the bathroom ceiling, check the water leakage, analyze whether the upstairs toilet leakage, or water leakage, or the waterproof layer is not done.


After finding out the reason, the upstairs neighbors and the property negotiate, the related costs of maintenance and so on. Then find a maintenance master to repair. The upstairs neighbors of Xiaobian family are very good, and the next day they found a master to cut open their bathroom tiles and repair them.


After maintenance, observe for a few days, preferably for a longer time, tell the neighbor whether it is still leaking, and maintain it with the neighbor in time. During this period, do not be unhappy with the neighbors because of the water leakage, and work together to solve the problem. We'll be good neighbors from now on. If it stops leaking, the floor upstairs can be restored. In short, when decorating, the waterproof material should be bought better, and the waterproof layer should be made more stable, so as to avoid leakage in the later period.

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