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What snacks can you choose to play

2018-03-02 11:12:00

Is a big tourism province, many people will choose to travel to the scenic spots, and the food snacks are also a lot, so we can choose to travel what snacks? Now let's take a look.




When we travel, the first snack we can choose is ham, ham is very loved by the people, it is definitely the first choice of food.


Then we can choose a snack and vinegar fish, if we travel, there must be a famous dish in the restaurant vinegar fish.


In addition, we can also choose food snacks and Pian 'er Chuan, this food I believe everyone is familiar with, delicious taste, let people endless aftertaste.


Then we can also choose the snack food and Longjing shrimp, this dish is well-known as a famous dish, delicious, is definitely we must go to taste the food.


Then we can also choose the food and honey sauce fire, this famous dish because of its unique taste so that people are full of praise, is definitely we must taste the food.


Then we can choose the food and tangyuan, compared with other places of tangyuan, tangyuan because of its wonderful taste after eating endless aftertaste, is definitely we must taste after the food.