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What should nursing care do for paralysis caused by tumor?

2018-04-21 04:48:40

Patients with spinal cord nerve paralysis caused by tumor compression should pay special attention when nursing at home, what specific work needs to be done? (1) Prevention of bedsores: bedsores are the most common and most difficult to overcome in patients with paralysis, requiring special care, such as wiping the body frequently, keeping the skin, clothing and bedding dry, see the prevention and treatment of bedsores. (2) Prevention of urinary tract infection: (1) regular cleaning of vulva and anus. (2) Patients with difficulty in urination, massage the bladder regularly, but not under pressure; When the condition permits, assist the patient to get out of bed early and promote the discharge of residual urine from the bladder. (3) When urine retention occurs, urinary catheterization should be carried out under strict aseptic operation, indwelling catheterization if necessary, or closed bladder tidal irrigation. (4) For long-term indwelling catheterization, bladder irrigation should be done regularly according to the doctor's advice, and sterile drainage and urine storage bottles should be replaced daily. Regularly send urine test routine and urine culture, if there is a urinary tract infection, should be timely use of effective antibiotics, and encourage more water. (3) Prevention of pneumonia: Pay attention to keep warm and avoid cold. Keep the airway smooth, encourage sputum, turn over and pat the back every 2 to 3 hours. (4) Prevention of flatulence and constipation: encourage eating more vegetables and fruits, and eat less food that causes flatulence. When constipated, laxatives or enemas are given every 2-3 days, or acupuncture therapy and abdominal massage are performed. If necessary, pull out the feces with your fingers. (5) Prevention of falls, burns, frostbite: when hemiplegia is accompanied by confusion, bed bars should be added. When applying hot water bags, the water temperature should not exceed 50 ° C, and the parts should be separated and replaced frequently; If hot compress, moxibustion, physiotherapy or cupping should be paid attention to prevent burns; When the weather is cold, the body should be kept warm with cotton sleeves in time.