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What should I do if the stapler is stuck

2018-04-17 08:00:20

Stapler stuck can not open how to do, the following simple way


Nail discharge method: A wooden block or rubber can be padded at the bottom of the nail outlet, and the stuck nails can be discharged by pressing the lid, and the reason for the sticking is not simple to answer.


In the stapler there is an accessory for stitching called "press hand". When using, you must press to the end, if you do not press to the end, you will loosen the hand, and find that there is no set and press it, it will jam the nail (because the first nail does not hit the seam, the second nail is pressed down, the two nails will be squeezed in a seam and stuck).


When clamping occurs, do not press the press hard, because this not only can not hit the nail out, but also will stretch the seam of the lower nail and damage the machine (light is easy to occur when the next use of pinning, serious when the entire stapler can not be used). After the card nail, the press hand should be pulled back to the original place, the staples left in the seam with the pin out, the next staple can be successfully played out


Open the stapler cover. Note Opening the stapler cover will disable the stapler. Remove the staple box from the device. Remove all loose staples from the stapler and staple box. Reassemble the staple box. Close the stapler cover and insert the medium to test the stapler.


The general stapler is to lift the top cover to put the nail, after opening, first press the top spring to the back, and then put the nail, and then slowly loosen the spring, close the cover can be used. Or put a wooden block or rubber on the bottom of the nail opening, press down firmly on the lid, and the stuck nail can be discharged


The basic method as described above, hopefully will help