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What materials need to be prepared to go abroad to see a doctor

2018-04-02 08:00:57

If you want to go abroad to see a doctor, you must do a good job in the early preparation, after all, going abroad to see a doctor is not said to go, you need to be fully prepared to ensure that the entire overseas medical treatment process smoothly. So what do you need to prepare before going abroad? Ubridge guides the issues to be aware of.


First of all, the hospital, as for the final choice of which hospital, this also according to their own actual situation to choose. Generally speaking, the majority of cancer patients go abroad to see a doctor, and many patients want to increase their hopes through countries with more developed medical technology, so the United States may become the first party that people consider. Many top-ranked hospitals in the United States have their own characteristics in cancer treatment, and formulate different treatment plans according to different diseases to reduce the pain of patients as much as possible. The choice of a good hospital and a good specialist increases the hope of treatment.


Make an appointment, transfer the relevant pathological data and submit it to the hospital. After the appointment is successful, you will receive the appointment confirmation letter and cost estimate letter from the hospital. The following is to handle the specific related matters.


For visa application, registration and personal interview at the embassy, of course, this requires a confirmation letter from the pre-booked hospital, a letter of economic estimate and other relevant certificates.


After the visa is done, it is necessary to book flights and accommodation. If you need a temporary residence to see a doctor abroad, book a hotel in advance according to your actual situation, so as not to cause inconvenience.


Be prepared for the necessities of life and enough expenses, after all, living in a foreign country, may be different from many living habits, for many things are unfamiliar. The biggest inconvenience is the language barrier, so professional translation is very important. Choosing a professional translator can ensure the rigor and accuracy of medical translation, ensure that these materials are sorted and translated according to the case norms and formats of the United States, and convey the disease 100% correctly. Accompanying translators in daily life is also essential. Therefore, the quality of translation work is very important, there should be senior translators, and we should uphold the highly responsible work attitude for patients with 100% enthusiasm for service.

Matters needing attention

After a period of treatment, if you still need to stay in the United States for a period of time to continue treatment, in order not to delay the patient's treatment abroad, this time to apply for a visa extension.