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What kind of salesman can be considered a master salesman

2018-04-17 17:36:43

1, customer positioning Because the sales of products are diverse, so different products to determine their basic customer group types, and then do sales positioning. But if your customer base is relatively large, or small but still regular, it must be done in accordance with the formal way. That is to say, the person who should be seen must be seen, the information that should be submitted must be submitted, and every link must be done. Perhaps such customers can help you introduce a lot of potential markets. The sales of the same product are generally met by these two kinds of customers. However, for large customers, they need to do a good job before and after sales. While this is problematic from an ethical point of view, it is necessary from a business perspective. Because if you spend too much time on small customers, it will delay you to meet more customers. If you have the energy, you can use two notebooks to do the two kinds of customer analysis and sales logs, and look back for a long time, you will naturally find the mystery. 2, point line and surface comprehensive sales model This sales method is summed up by myself, which is divided into three steps A, from the surface to the point represents the relevant leaders, and the point represents the personnel. When you are facing a market that you have no relationship with, you can first find the upper leadership, the leader will not talk deeply with you for the first time, he will only introduce you to the specific responsible personnel below, at this time you can first put down the leadership, to get through to the specific personnel. B, from the point to the surface when the specific personnel's work is done, and then go back to do the relevant leadership work, this is from the point to the surface. After laying a good foundation in the lower level, the leader also has a certain understanding of you, and when you introduce you to the leader again through the mouth of the lower level personnel, your status in the leader's heart has also been greatly improved. When the relevant leadership relationship is done, you can ask him to introduce other sub-leaders to you. Since the launch of a project is not decided by just one leader, it is necessary to cast a wide net among the leadership. Then make a list of all the leaders and subordinates in charge, identify the key leaders and specific responsible people who can determine the success of the project, and the rest is to spend money. 3, technical sales as a salesperson, the basic technical literacy is very necessary. Showing your technical skills in the process of talking to customers will not only enhance Ben's image but also make customers better accept you. Of course, it is best if you can also solve the practical difficulties of the customer. When customers use your equipment or software, they encounter problems in actual use, you can help customers solve them on the spot, and the customer's trust in you will be greatly deepened. Therefore, sales personnel should understand the common configuration or use method of this product in practice if conditions permit. 4, use emotion to communicate rather than use money in the sales process to spend money is a must, but can not be entirely based on money. Money just allows you to get close to the customer without any relationship, and getting the customer to trust you completely requires the cultivation of feelings and the exchange of ideas. If you blindly use money to pile up, it will make customers have bad habits, on the one hand, their appetite will become bigger and bigger, and on the other hand, they will distrust you and think that your product has a problem in a certain link. 5, don't ignore competitors when you recommend a series of products to customers, you will certainly meet a lot of competitors, you should take the initiative to deal with them, as much as possible to understand their products and social network, this time the customer's bidding meeting is very important. In addition, after the bidding meeting, there will usually be a dinner together with the client, which is a rare opportunity. You can learn whether the leader of the rival businessman is reasonable in life and who gets along well with the leader of the client during the meal. In short, if you look carefully you can find a lot of useful things. When you can skillfully use the above five points, I believe that you will have the opportunity to become a successful sales talent. 6, good salesman, don't rush to take orders many business novices will ask me the same question, that is, how to take orders as soon as possible. Some salesmen just joined the work for a month, can not receive orders will be very frustrated; Some work for a period of time without performance, will also be very depressed. They are like martial arts masters all want to get the Jiuyang true Sutra, all want to get the true story as soon as possible, can make themselves a reborn, immediately become a sales expert. In fact, this is the root of the heart, tall buildings rise from the ground, relying on a solid foundation. If the foundation is not strong, tall buildings will falter and become castles in the air. Whenever I see these salesmen for help, I will reply to them with a theme, that is, to lay a good foundation and learn first. A college student who has just joined the work, wants to do his work well, does not have a practical attitude, and wants them to sign the bill, this kind of eager heart can be understood, but the practice is not desirable. Enterprises are the same, and not rely on the salesman sea tactics can get orders. There is no systematic training for new people, and they have to perform, as if they can only pay salaries to pay tuition fees. A business novice should do the most is to understand the concept, understand the cultural connotation, understand the human environment, humbly ask the old staff, to be familiar with everything in a short time. Then to fully understand the products you sell, familiar with the various aspects of the product from production to sales, in front of the customer you have to be more professional than the customer, you can do this step, you can be in front of the customer to introduce your and products, or be asked by the customer or do not know, even if the customer takes the initiative to come to the door, you will retain the customer? When you are worried about finding customers, you ask yourself, are you really ready? When a client does come to you, can you handle it? Can you truly understand the needs of your customers and design the best purchase plan for them? If you are not sure, it is better to enrich yourself, learn more product knowledge and service concepts, and perform in front of customers, not in order to sign orders and please customers, but really confident and customer negotiations, with their own strength to let customers pay for you. Build these foundations, and what you're waiting for is opportunity. Otherwise, when the opportunity comes, you may not think that it is an opportunity, but you have missed the price you paid for signing the bill in a hurry. Foundation is the premise of all work, without a solid foundation, there will be impetuous psychology, will be eager for quick success. To see how many achievements others make, can only be to see the story, there will be countless stories behind every successful salesman. If you want to have your own story, you must really enrich the content of the story, there will be a more wonderful story for others to see. For the boss to earn more money than the boss himself is the most cattle to remind everyone that some salesmen do a certain amount of time will be small. He thinks he's got a few big clients. Not even his own boss bought it. As a result, he was promoted by the leader, and the customer was given to the next person to do it. After the salesman down there takes care of his client. He won't be welcome. I hit a wall when I got there. So I had to leave. I want you to remember that. Modest, prudent, pragmatic, honest! Be your essence