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What kind of glue is used to bond pc/abs alloy

2018-05-11 11:12:26

What kind of glue is used to bond pc/abs alloy? PC and ABS1:1 mix is different from ordinary PC or ABS plastic, the evaluation of adhesive adhesion can be based on the size of plastic alloy material and bonding process to evaluate the selection of glue; QIS3056PC/ABS alloy material exclusive glue can play a great bonding role, the upper and lower shell of the alloy material can be glued, QIS3056L low viscosity with needle drops; The plate facade assembly of alloy material and the plane lamination of sheet material are all selected with different viscosities of glue, so there is no need to worry about whether this material can be glued or not, and whether it can meet our expected requirements, as long as it is found correctly.


3056L 3056M 3056H class.


pc/abs alloy material class.


Guide and needle sizing.


The information illegally crawled from experience


The first step: surface treatment, should first remove the oil or dust on the surface of the material.


The second step: sizing, sizing should be uniform thickness, in place, leaving no adhesive blind spots.


Step 3: Quick bonding immediately after sizing, pressure to make both sides closely fit!

Matters needing attention

Store in a cool and dry place! Keep away from fire and out of reach of children! Shelf life is 6 months at room temperature.


Packing: 40g/ piece, 500G/ piece, 1.5KG/ barrel, 4KG/ barrel, 15KG/ barrel