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What kind of cracks can be repaired in the front windshield of a school bus?

2018-05-11 03:12:29

Under normal circumstances, the damage to the windshield of the school bus is nothing more than the small stones rolled up by the car in high speed driving, although the stones are not large, but the speed and the shape is irregular, and often the glass can be broken instantly. However, the crack range of small stones is usually small, the general diameter will be about 5mm, in this case, the owner should go to professional maintenance as soon as possible to repair the glass, the earlier the better. However, if the main body of the damage is more than 20mm, the repair effect will be poor, and the average home will recommend replacing the glass. Many school bus driver friends will ask, a windshield is usually not low value, many people are not insured glass broken alone, slightly larger damage is recommended to replace is not too wasteful, if I will use it? In fact, beyond the range of 20mm, as long as it is not exaggerated, it can be repaired, but the strength after repair cannot be guaranteed, when the high-speed wind resistance is increased, or the windshield is frequently stressed by car washing, rain, snow, wind and sand, the strength of the glass is not guaranteed, there is a full hidden danger. Here, our recommendation is not to repair more than 2cm, replace the new windshield as soon as possible, to avoid larger cracks in the production of glass in use.