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What is the weight of the loader? What is the weight of counterweight iron? What is the weight of each tire ~ online etc... thank you

2018-04-09 04:48:13

The specific type of 50 car also depends on what type of car it is, the normal is about 16.2t, the single-handed high-flow king can reach 17.3t, and the counterweight is usually about 2/3t. As for the tires, the new tires are about 300 pounds. The ZL50 loader weighs about 17,100 kg. The ZL50 is an older model of the 5 ton loader. In today's loaders, Liugong 856,5 stands for 5 tons. Now the label is not very unified, you can see the division of tires, the general loader tire specifications are 23.5-25, are 5 tons of cars, 50 loaders rated load of 5000 kg, bucket capacity of 3 cubic meters. Notes: 1) Before driving and operating, the operator should be familiar with the various performance, structure, technical maintenance and operation methods of the loader, and operate according to the regulations. 2) Except for the pilot area, it is strictly prohibited to take other parts of the plane. 3) When unloading into the car, the bucket must be raised to a height that does not touch the box baffle. Do not contact the bucket with the box, and do not cross the bucket from the top of the cab. 4) When downhill, use automatic deceleration, do not step on the clutch pedal, in case of power failure slip out of the car accident. 5) The loader should stop and check immediately after entering the water. If the brake is found to have failed due to water flooding, it should continue to brake and use heat to remove the water on the brake disc so that the brake can return to normal as soon as possible. 6) When the loader is working, no one shall stand in front of the loader or drive in the bucket. 7) When working, it is strictly prohibited to stand under the shovel arm, and irrelevant personnel and other machinery are prohibited to work and pass here. 8) High-speed operation is strictly prohibited. 9) When the driver leaves the driving position, he must put the bucket on the ground, turn off the engine, and cut off the power.