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What is the standard operation process of the mixing tank?

2018-04-30 06:24:30

The mixing tank is available, but it won't operate properly... Hayne tells you the trick


Folding duty extraction operators in accordance with this procedure for use and hygienic cleaning. Maintenance personnel repair and maintain according to this procedure. The production manager is responsible for supervising the implementation of this procedure. Check that the equipment is' normal 'and confirm that the equipment is clean and meets requirements.


The paper introduces the design and selection of mixing device and the purpose of mixing operation. A variety of different mixing processes need to be operated by different mixing devices to achieve, in the design and selection of the first according to the purpose and requirements of the process for mixing operations, determine the type of mixer, motor power, mixing speed, and then select the reducer, frame, mixing shaft, shaft seal and other components. The specific steps are as follows :1. According to the process conditions, stirring purposes and requirements, select the type of agitator. When selecting the type of agitator, the dynamic characteristics of the agitator and the causal relationship between the flow state generated by the agitator during the mixing process and various stirring purposes should be fully grasped.


3. The transmission device of mixing equipment includes motor, transmission, coupling, bearing and frame, etc. The stirring drive mechanism usually adopts a combination of motor and transmission or a motor with a frequency converter to make the stirring reach the required speed. The function of the transmission device is to make the mixing shaft rotate at the required speed and ensure that the mixing shaft gets the required torque. In most mixing equipment, there is only one stirring shaft, and the mixer spins in one direction at a constant speed. However, there are also some special mixing equipment, in order to obtain a better mixing effect, you can use two mixing shafts in a mixing equipment, and let the blender carry out complex movements, such as reciprocating, reciprocating, planetary and so on.


4, the use of the unit is generally based on whether the material is heated or dried or cooled. Within the customized range, the temperature should be below 200 ° C, and the use pressure should be less than 0.1Mpa. The heating method can be determined according to the production conditions of the unit used. There are two heating methods: hot oil and other medium circulation and direct electric heating. The medium circulation of hot oil is that the heat conduction oil is heated to a certain temperature in the heating tank of another configuration, and then transported through the hot oil pump; Direct heating is the direct installation of electric heating on the jacket to heat the thermal oil to the required temperature (the temperature can be adjusted according to the actual situation). The cooling cycle uses water to circulate inside and outside the jacket, so that the material does not caking or viscosity at a certain temperature. It can also be heated or cooled by adding disks according to user requirements.


5. According to the determined type of agitator and the flow state of the agitator produced in the mixing process, the control requirements of the process for mixing time, settling speed and dispersion, the motor power, mixing speed and agitator diameter are determined by experimental means and computer simulation design. According to the motor power, stirring speed and process conditions, select and determine the reducer model from the reducer selection table. If the reducer is selected according to the actual working torque, the actual working torque should be less than the allowable torque of the reducer.


6. According to the output shaft head d of the reducer and the support mode of the mixing shafting, select the frame and coupling with the same specifications as d. The type of shaft seal is selected according to the do size, installation space, working pressure and working temperature of the rack mixing shaft head


7. According to the installation form and structural requirements, the mixing shaft structure type is designed and selected, and its strength and stiffness are checked. If the design is based on rigid shaft, n/nk≤0.7 under strength conditions. If the design is based on flexible shaft, n/nk>=1.3 under strength conditions, choose to install bottom cover, flange base or flange according to the nominal heart size DN of the frame, the shelf type and pressure level of the mixing shaft


8. Determine whether to configure auxiliary supports based on the support and vibration resistance conditions. In the above selection process, the combination and configuration of the mixing device can be referred to (schematic diagram of the mixing device design selection process). The key size of the connection between the components in the configuration process is the size of the shaft head, and the components with the same size of the shaft head can be interchangeable and combined in principle.


1, this equipment is a normal pressure equipment, if the heat exchanger is smooth, it is also regarded as normal pressure, if the pressure is too high, please check whether the import and export blockage phenomenon. 2, the reducer should be equipped with 40#- 50# oil or 70#- 90# extreme pressure industrial gear oil, after the first operation of 20 days (8 hours a day), replace the oil and clean the oil in the tank, and then replace it every 3-5 months and clean the tank. (except for no reducer)3, if the condenser is configured, it can be determined whether the heat exchange channel should be cleaned according to the effect of heat exchange. 4, the mixing tank load should be strictly in accordance with the effective volume of the mixing tank, it is strictly prohibited to use overload, so as not to burn out the motor or damage the reducer and other parts. 5, if the equipment is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned, injected with lubricating oil and cut off the power supply.

Matters needing attention

Attention should be paid to the distance between the mixer rotor and the container, if it is a glass container should pay attention to the mixing speed can not be too fast. ② If you need to handle the sample, you must first turn off the power switch, and turn the speed knob to the minimum value, and then repeat the above operation.


③ If serious sparks occur, it must be stopped immediately for inspection and repair, so as not to cause greater losses. ④ If the motor does not turn in use, the power supply, governor, fuse and motor brush should be checked first. If the speed regulating part or the motor is damaged, the maintenance personnel should be notified to repair.