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What is the role of nine claw hub

2018-04-12 11:12:20

The role of the nine-claw hub is to bear the overall weight of the car. Whether the wheel is intact represents whether the car can run normally and the safety of the driving process. When the rigid structure of the wheel hub is damaged, it can be determined whether it needs to be repaired according to the specific damage degree. Mild scratching means that the paint on the surface of the wheel has been scraped off, but it does not have much impact on the overall concrete frame structure, driving and carrying capacity of the car. In this case, the restoration will only have a certain impact on the appearance. The role of the wheel hub indicates that the wheel hub is used to carry the hard moment of inertia between the car and the tire, which can also be called the wheel ring, steel ring and so on. The complete hub unit, including automotive bearings, also known as flanges, works with the tire to support the wheel. The main role is to affect the size of the brake specifications, as well as the choice of tire specifications, the larger the hub can be put down, the larger the brake system, the wider the hub can be used, the higher the performance of the wider tire.