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What is the difference between 20kHz and 35kHz die heads?

2018-04-11 00:00:27

The ultrasonic die welding head is the main component of energy transmission after the ultrasonic mechanical vibration is amplified by the amplifier. The shape and size of the ultrasonic die welding head determine the surface of the workpiece, which is fixed at the lower end of the amplifier with a threaded connection method. When the welding head area of ultrasonic mold is small, the influence of welding head on ultrasonic vibration can be ignored. When the area of the welding head is large, the resonance frequency of the vibration system will be reduced. The main materials of ultrasonic mold welding head are aluminum alloy, special steel, titanium alloy, and different frequencies are designed according to different needs. Many people in the selection of ultrasonic plastic welding machine welding head will have doubts, do not know how to choose ultrasonic mold welding head, especially 15kHz and 35kHz welding head, the following is a brief introduction to the two frequencies of different ultrasonic mold welding head what is the difference and application. The difference between the 15kHz welding head and the 35kHz welding head 15k refers to the vibration that can reach 15,000 times in one second, 35k refers to the vibration that can reach 35,000 times in one second, and their unit is Hz. From a frequency point of view, the higher the frequency, the higher the precision. Therefore, the welding head with high frequency is applied to the products with higher precision, and the welding head with low frequency is applied to most products. 15kHz welding head with ultrasonic plastic welding machine can weld a number of industry products, home appliances industry, household goods industry, packaging industry, non-woven fabric industry, stationery toy industry, etc. The 35kHz welding head can be used for welding industry products with higher parameter requirements, such as medical industry, electronic and electrical industry, auto parts industry, etc.