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What is more healthy to eat in winter

2018-03-18 03:12:00

Since ancient times, winter has been the most important time for people to make up. The basic principle of winter diet health is to comply with the hidden Yang in the body, collect Yang and protect Yin. In the preparation of diet, it is necessary to appropriately add some thick taste products, and do not eat raw and cold food.


Season cold, through the diet can play a role in heat preservation, cold and dryness. Winter is the best season for dietary supplements, and there is a folk proverb "winter supplements, spring tigers", especially after the winter solstice supplements are best.


As the saying goes, "39 make up a winter, the next year no pain", "winter supplement, spring tiger; Winter not mend, spring suffer.


Mutton, dog meat, shrimp, leek, longan, fungus, chestnuts, walnuts, turtle and other foods can be selected appropriately.


More bitter less salty nourishing heart qi "winter kidney water taste salty, fear of water gram fire, so it is appropriate to nourish the heart


Winter is cold, it is appropriate to eat with heat to treat its cold ", advocating hot food, and giving warm and Yang Qi meals, but not too warm and dry, the number of doses and dosage should be homemade, especially frying, baking, frying and other hot and dry food should be eaten less


The taste of winter diet should be reduced salty and bitter to nourish the heart.

Matters needing attention

Eat less and increase winter sports appropriately


Less salt