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What is Hearthstone's Big Soft

2018-04-15 06:24:17

Hearthstone is a very interesting game, I have been playing since November last year, it is only three days to clear a mission and do not charge money, so the ordinary card has been difficult to play, blue card can not close, not to mention purple card orange card. It took a long time to get to the first orange card, which is Big Soft.




Let's start with who Big Soft is. He's Harrison Jones. Battle Roar ability, can destroy the opponent's weapons, draw the remaining number of durable cards.


This page is based on experience


Say also strange, this year came a big soft, because the hands of the blue and white cards are all, so it may still be useful. But on October 20, a day opened two packages did not expect to have an orange card, but a big soft a Vinlon, is this to commemorate the benefits of playing Hearthstone for a week.


You can check, see if there's any pattern in your orange cards, and there's no pattern in the three big soft cards, and if I'm right my next card will be Deathwing.