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What is a hydrogen-rich machine?

2018-03-03 08:00:00

For many people, the water machine may be a strange term, but for many people in this industry, it is quite deep understanding that the hydrogen-rich water precipitated by the hydrogen rich water machine is the water rich in hydrogen ions, that is, hydrogen water, which is also called hydrogen-rich water. Hydrogen in Japanese is translated as "mizu", a Japanese term for "mizu".


First, what is the electrolytic hydrogen rich machine? The so-called "electrolytic hydrogen rich water machine", that is, the use of activated carbon, cation exchange resin filter, silver loaded activated carbon, hollow fiber, filter to remove sediment, rust, red worms, odor, residual chlorine, and bacteria above 0.01 micron, colloids, organic matter to purify to reach the national raw drink standard, through the electrolytic cell, Then using titanium platinum alloy, electrolytic separation technology to produce reducing water, that is, hydrogen-rich water and oxidized water.


Ten characteristics of electrolysis hydrogen-rich water: 1. energy active water; 2. Small molecule water; 3. High solubility water; 4. High permeability water; 5. High surface tension water; 6. Anti-scaling water; 7. Weakly alkaline water; 8. Water containing a large number of hydrogen ions (can clear the body's excess free radicals); 9. Degradation of residual chlorine is harmful, harmless safe water; 10. Good water that preserves all natural activities.


1, the molecular content of hydrogen is 20 times that of ordinary weakly alkaline ionized water, and the ability to remove acidic substances in the body increases the antioxidant. Because the hydrogen molecule is very fine, it can quickly penetrate into the body, and penetrate the cell membrane, take away the malignant reactive oxygen species that are difficult to eliminate, and neutralize it into water and discharge it out of the body, without affecting other benign reactive oxygen species and the operation of body functions, and can affect the gene expression of DNA and RNA, repair the cells and cell membranes damaged by disease. The elimination of malignant reactive oxygen species from the body is the most anti-oxidation-reducing substance found in humans. More than the human has been widely used vitamin C, E, green tea essence SOD and other antioxidants dozens of times. Hydrogen water is also water for the cells to drink. 2, set quotient hydrogen, weak alkalinity, negative potential, small molecular water as one. Balance body pH, effective prevention of diseases. Hydrogen-rich water has been proved by high-tech theoretical research from the human molecular cytology, biochemistry, human physiology, water control theory, blood fluid flow mechanics, histology, natural medicine, clinical medicine, drinking water analytical chemistry and other multidisciplinary research table name, has a variety of health, health care, rehabilitation, regulation and other effects on human drinking water. Is a rare new high-tech drinking water class. 3, small size, easy to install, affordable, every family can drink the most ideal healthy water. Jian Yi Fu hydrogen dispenser is significantly different from the Tomalin cup and energy cup in the world. The resulting hydrogen water rhyme is 25 times more reductive than energy cups such as Tomalin. Energy cups such as Tomalin on the market do not produce hydrogen and hydrogen water, or very little hydrogen. The treated water of hydrogen water generator can be rich in hydrogen, and after 10 years of clinical verification and tracking by 22 institutions including Japan Medical University and other authoritative institutions, it is clearly confirmed that hydrogen-rich water has a preventive effect on human diseases. The hydrogen-rich water machine has obtained brick Li from Japan, South Korea, the United States and Germany and has been established as "healthy drinking water for the 2l century".


1. The world's high-tech titanium platinum alloy hydrogen-rich generator is used to make ordinary drinking water into hydrogen-rich water, overcoming the world problem that hydrogen is difficult to dissolve in water. 2. Small molecule groups. It quickly penetrates into the body, allowing cells to absorb it more fully and quickly. 3. Fresh water quality, high hydrogen solubility, which can reach 1.49PPM effectively remove excessive free radicals in the human body, prevent diseases and delay aging. 4. High in oxygen. Fully promote cell oxygen metabolism. 5. With negative potential, its height can reach -600MV.


"Water quality determines physical fitness", but there are not many people who can truly understand the importance of water to life and health, so some people say that water is "forgotten nutrients". According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of diseases and one-third of human deaths in developing countries are attributable to water. Li, a professor at the China Healthy Drinking Water Professional Committee, suggested that the water we drink or use on a regular basis will indeed shorten our lives. Good water determines longevity. Hydrogen-rich water is not only clean, there is hydrogen and energy, water is a small molecule of living water, negative ions deep absorption of 80%, purify the blood, make the blood smooth, vigorous metabolism, prevent a variety of diseases, improve human health.