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What impact will hammer head damage have on hammer crusher

2018-04-18 04:48:15

Hammer crusher is now a more commonly used crusher on the market, which is widely used in various fields such as mining, hydropower, highways, construction, etc., and the materials used for crushing are also diversified. Hammer crusher is through the high-speed operation of the hammer head on the material impact, hammering, grinding, and then get the crushing effect. In this way, the hammer plays a vital role in the hammer crusher, like its heart, we all know that people lose their lives if they do not have a heart, and if the hammer is damaged, the same hammer crusher will lose the ability to work. So, what impact will the hammer head damage have on the hammer crusher?


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High-speed operation of the hammer head and hard or inferior materials hit, pounding is easy to crack the phenomenon, the hammer head debris will rush to all corners of the hammer crusher body, directly affect the life of the crusher, serious cause scrap.

Hammer protection measures

Hammer crusher needs bearing lubrication protection before starting operation


The selection of hammer material should be carefully, and high-end materials with good toughness and wear resistance should be selected for crushing materials