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What if your girlfriend has to save her first time for her wedding night?

2018-04-22 01:36:40

Do men and women in love have to have sex? If, no sex is not happy is not good? But what if your girlfriend insists on saving the first time for the wedding night?


This is something you need to talk to her about and find out what she thinks, whether she absolutely does not approve of living together before marriage or for some other reason.


This page is based on experience


It may be influenced by her circle of classmates, friends or colleagues, so and so because of cohabitation before marriage with her boyfriend led to accidental pregnancy, or miscarriage, or when they got married when their husband found out that they were not the first time, and the impact on married life and so on.


You guys haven't been dating that long, have you? Not deep enough? She just likes you. She doesn't love you, okay? Or you can't give her the security she wants?


If you really love her, then bear it, wait until she is willing or wedding night that day, Yang Guo and Xiaolong girl can wait for 16 years, so, I believe that if you love her, wait a year or two should not be a problem.