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What if there's a flood

2018-05-12 14:24:42

In some parts of our country, the floods occur every summer, with varying degrees and always causing some losses to people's life and property.


When the flood comes, we must not be chaotic, and we must be clear about the route, especially when the flood is especially urgent.


Water flows low, people have to go high, so when the flood comes, when it is necessary to go high, especially the roof or the mountain is OK.


If time is enough, you can bring some necessary or valuable things, if time is tight, sometimes when the flood is urgent, don't worry about money.


This time to find something that can float, say a larger board, door or boat is OK.


If there is a rescue suit at home, it will play a role at this time, and it is necessary to use it for children, elderly women.


There are also some adobe houses in the countryside, remember that these houses are more dangerous in the flood, so do not often climb on them.