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What if there are no seats on the train

2018-05-01 14:24:48

You may have encountered no seat on the train, especially when there is no seat on the long distance is really uncomfortable, then when there is no seat on the train what are the methods?


Benches, suitcases, newspapers, and people switch seats

Bring a small bench

Take a small bench before getting on the car, no and buy one, at most 10 yuan. If you forget, you can buy it on the train. It seems relatively expensive on the train. So it's best to buy it in advance. END


This content has been taken from experience without authorization

Switch seats with friendly passengers

If you are a person who likes to chat, you can chat with people, and it is also good to change to sit down after you are familiar. Encounter the kind of passenger who is more talkable, you don't have to talk to him, is a sentence: "I sit for a while, OK, standing for a long time is too tired." Half of it will be for you. Or we could just sit in a huddle. END

Check the other cars for empty seats

When you get on, you can go to the other cars. You might find an empty seat. Sometimes you may not look at a certain carriage is very crowded, in fact, there may be an empty carriage. END

Sit on the floor with a newspaper or something

Really tired, and do not want to crowd with people, just a newspaper, plastic bag or something, spread on the ground to sit for a while. After all, long journeys are physically exhausting. So don't be so picky about it. Let's find a place where we can get out of the way. END

On your own luggage

You can also sit in your own luggage, the suitcase of clothes is quite comfortable to sit, and find a place to sit. END

The compartment restaurant is available

I think there's a charge for staying the night. I haven't sat there. It seems that it is not too expensive, and some people will choose to sit in the compartment restaurant. I don't think all food trucks sleep. END

You can sleep on the floor

If you are a person who is not afraid of dirty, in fact, it is very good to find an open space to sleep on the ground, or the long night is really difficult, I remember on the way to, I slept on the ground, close to the seat next to the middle of the corridor that place, I spread plastic bags and newspapers on the ground, some people also brought sheets and quilts, many people have been sleeping on the ground. It really felt better the next day. END

The cabin crew lounge is also available

Passengers with small children, passengers who are not feeling well, passengers who are really tired, talk to the flight attendant, I think most of the seats are for you. END

Matters needing attention

Don't interrupt other people's rest


Don't hinder others from walking