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What do you need to pay attention to when visiting Aden?

2018-05-01 06:24:00

Aden, the legendary last Shangri-La! Our Aden is praised by international friends as "the last piece of pure land on the water blue planet", which is a high evaluation! See how beautiful our Aden is!





Identification card


Aden not only has sacred snow-capped mountains, but also vast grasslands. The wide variety of trees and the crystal clear river, the colorful trees reflected in the river, is simply beautiful.


The preservation of the pristine natural environment of Aden is excellent. If people want to go to play, be sure to pay attention to their feet, remember to wear hiking shoes, sneakers, can not wear flat shoes.


The problem of accommodation in Aden There are many options to stay in Aden, hotels, homestays, guest houses and tents provided by nature reserves are very suitable, which is also enjoyed by many travelers.


In a pristine conservation area like Aden. The requirements for eating can not be too high. They cater to Tibetan tastes here, so we try to bring ready-to-eat things like bread compression cookies.


Aden's altitude is high and many people can suffer from altitude sickness. Therefore, at this point, everyone should do a good job of protection, and should prepare some altitude drugs in advance to prevent their discomfort caused by altitude sickness.


For the plateau monsoon climate, in the spring, ball, winter to enter, tourists need to bring cold clothes, be sure to pay attention to warm clothes, gloves, warm hiking shoes. The temperature difference between morning and night in summer is very large, so you should bring thick clothes and pay attention to warmth.


Aden high altitude, the sun exposure is very strong, we must pay attention to good sun protection, not careful will be sunburned, sunscreen and visor is essential.

Matters needing attention

The thing to pay attention to is that you must do a good job of sun protection. The sun is very big, and you can burn your skin if you're not careful.


Bring plenty of clothes, and some thick clothes, because the temperature difference between morning and night in Aden is very big.