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What do I need for a day trip

2018-05-01 08:00:00

Friends who want to travel around will not miss it, Le Shui.


It's summer, and you don't need to bring anything for a day trip, and it's hot and a little humid.


The first is the sun umbrella and sunscreen, otherwise the glare of the sun will also affect travel


And then some toilet water some mosquito repellent stuff, there are more mosquitoes


Scenic spots are generally large Buddha and Buddha capital, since it is a scenic spot, then of course can not forget the camera, the Buddha statue of the big Buddha light, but also can not shoot the effect, the Buddha is the same, many very tall Buddha need to rely on the camera to shoot


Big Buddha and Buddha capital tickets add up to 170 looks, plus buy water and other, it is estimated to spend two hundred dollars, there is a student ID must be brought, you can discount


There are also some places to eat lunch near the scenic spot, how delicious it is not to say, there is no problem to fill the stomach, and it costs about 50 yuan


If there is still time left after visiting the scenic spot, it must go to eat snacks, bobo pot chicken, tofu brain, Qiao foot beef.... There's always your favorite, and it costs about 60 yuan


The rest is nothing special, in short, it is a delicious and fun place, worth going to oh