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What color bed sheet is not easy to get sick!

2018-04-15 12:48:48

When we buy bedding, we often choose our own preferred color, or refer to age. But did you know that different colors can produce different psychological stimuli, which can have different effects on health? Therefore, when choosing a bed, we should first pay attention to its impact on health!


Purple bed cover - Use with caution in patients with heart disease: purple can maintain the balance of potassium in the body and has a calming effect, but it has a depressing effect on the motor nervous system and the cardiac system, so heart patients should use purple with caution.


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Red bed cover - insomnia, nervous failure, heart disease with caution: the newly married room should choose bright and strong red, which not only adds a festive atmosphere to the room, but also stimulates the nervous system, increases adrenaline secretion, and enhances blood circulation. But too much exposure to red can cause anxiety. Therefore, patients with insomnia, neurasthenia, and heart disease should not use red bed covers or decorative homes to avoid aggravating the condition.


Light orange bedspread - induce appetite, help calcium absorption: such as the elderly home with light yellow bedspread, can induce appetite, help calcium absorption, but also make people excited, happy.


Indigo bed cover - suitable for postoperative recovery, pain: indigo will affect vision, hearing and smell, can reduce the body's sensitivity to pain. Patients who are recovering from wounds after surgery can choose indigo bed covers or household items, or simply paint the room indigo.


Green bed cover - relieve tension, impatient people should use: emotional instability and impatient people, the room should use light green bed cover, in order to relax the spirit and relieve tension. Generally speaking, the color of the bedspread is mostly elegant color.


Blue bedspread - suitable for computers and white-collar workers: If the owner of the room suffers from high blood pressure or heart disease, it is best to spread a light blue bedspread to help blood pressure drop and pulse return to normal. In addition, blue is also suitable for white-collar workers who use their brains too much.


Yellow bed cover - depression and mania taboo: golden yellow easily cause emotional instability, so patients suffering from depression and mania should not use yellow.


Pink bedspread - suitable for autism and mental depression: let angry people watch pink, the mood will soon calm down, because pink will reduce the secretion of adrenaline, so as to stabilize the mood. People with autism and depression may want to try pink. END

Matters needing attention

In addition, in spring and summer, the temperature is relatively high, the color of the bedspread should choose a light and cool color, and the texture should choose a slightly thinner fabric; The temperature drops in autumn and winter, the weather is cold, the color of the bedspread should tend to be warm, and thicker fabrics should be chosen in texture.