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What are the series of RTX2060 graphics cards?

2018-03-03 00:00:00

The RTX2060 graphics card is the entry-level graphics card model in the RTX series, and the 60 series has been very good for N card users, until 2060 appears, it seems to become no longer so "dessert". Fortunately, this graphics card is still strong performance, many people still want to buy. So what are the series of RTX2060? Let's introduce them respectively.

Different series introduction

The first is Vulcan X OC, the appearance and radiator shell are similar to the flagship 2080, 10+2 power supply on this "dessert grade" graphics card is also a little luxurious. Large area of heat sink plus five heat dissipation effect can also be completely assured.


The second is the Advanced OC, which uses Turing's TU106-300 core, with a silent frequency of 1365MHz and a Boost of 1755MHz. Also with five 8mm pure copper, so the same guarantee.


The third is AD Special OC, the same as AD OC, the main frequency is 1755MHz, but it will be slightly different in appearance, and there is not much difference overall, so it is not too much introduction.


The last one is Ultra OC. Compared with the previous models, the most obvious change is mainly its heat dissipation module. And whether there is an OC is also reflected in the frequency gap, which will be adjusted.