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What are the requirements for permanent residence in Japan

2018-04-06 09:36:24

Conditions for permanent residence in Japan: 1. Stay in Japan after working. It is not necessary to study in Japan first. If you have a Japanese university or are willing to hire for a certain position, you can apply for a professor or international knowledge, humanities business or corporate transfer visa. Similarly, after working in Japan for 5 years, you can apply for permanent residence in Japan. 2. Japanese spouse. If you marry a Japanese or marry a Japanese, you can apply for a Japanese spouse visa after going through the legal formalities of marriage. 3, senior talents apply for permanent residence, the limit on their continuous residence in Japan is relaxed to 3 years. Under the current system, senior professionals can live in Japan continuously for five years, and ordinary foreigners can live in Japan for 10 years. Permanent residence is a permanent residence qualification that allows one to live in Japan without becoming a Japanese citizen. Compared with other visas, both in terms of work and life will become more free, and there will be no restrictions due to the eligibility for stay. Permanent residence in Japan is as permanent as the word means. In many people who have obtained a Japanese work visa will deeply understand that every three years to go to the bureau to renew, very troublesome; It is not necessary after obtaining permanent residence, and after having permanent residence, you can find any legal job.