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What are the requirements for group meal reservation

2018-04-21 17:36:13

Sample retention is an important part of self-protection, so how to do it well

Method/Step 1

This article illegal climbing is taken from experience

Method/Step 2

The sample record and the sample record card can not be filled out with altered images, and the filling specification is complete.

Method/Step 3

Keep the sample cup, the sample refrigerator clean, and the spare sample cup clean.

Method/Step 4

The temperature of the sample refrigerator meets the requirements, and there are thermometer facilities (generally sold on the Internet, two yuan a).

Method/Step 5

The arrangement of sample retention personnel shall be carried out by special personnel and signed for confirmation

Method/Step 6

Sample varieties, all varieties required, rice and free soup are not to be ignored

Matters needing attention

The picture has little to do with the text and helps memory