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What are the requirements for a permanent visa to Japan?

2018-04-06 11:12:46

After obtaining a permanent residence visa in Japan, you can enjoy most of the social benefits enjoyed by ordinary Japanese people, such as health certificates, medical security, housing benefits, and even poor living allowances.


Passport and Alien entry card (presented on application)


Employment certificate (issued)


Application for Permanent Residence Permit (Download/collect from Inbound website)


Living conditions According to the Japanese nationality law, in Japan for more than 5 consecutive years to have an address can apply for naturalization in Japan, remember the key is continuous, if you are intermittent living in Japan, a total of 5 years is not OK, even if you are living for 4 years, still one year can not apply for naturalization.


Ability to be over the age of 20, have the ability to act independently, to put it bluntly, as long as you are old enough, normal intelligence and normal limbs.


Conduct conditions are that you are a law-abiding good citizen, no criminal record, no major traffic accidents, taxes and so on.


Livelihood conditions are those in which you have the skills to sustain yourself and whether you or your relatives have the assets to support yourself.


Abide by the Constitution of the Japanese country, do not have bad political tendencies, and do not join other bad social organizations