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What are the main parts of the shot blasting machine

2018-04-13 00:00:28

Different types of shot blasting machines, have different roles, the size is not the same, common crawler type, generally relatively small workpiece, and not afraid of collision, hook type shot blasting machine can clean small and medium-sized workpiece, its own hook can be replaced with different weights, such as 600 workpiece, 1 ton, or more than 2 tons, through the type shot blasting machine, generally used in steel architecture, Clean large workpieces, there are fixed sizes, you can also manufacture equipment according to the size of your own workpieces, except for the difference in these models, most of the internal and external parts are the same, (Bangzhi machinery specializes in the production of high chromium shot blasting machine accessories).


Shot blasting machine accessories


Blade, parting wheel, orientation sleeve, top guard plate


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Shot blast blade: has a special structure of thick outside and thin inside, surface hardness HRC60-65 after heat treatment, high wear resistance and service life, generally high chromium blade can be used to 800-1000 hours or so; After casting, all the blades are rigorously trimmed and polished, and weighed by the balance, so that the bias impact is small, and the weight difference of each blade is less than 5g. Directional sleeve of shot blasting machine: it is a part fixed on the shell of the shot blasting machine, made of high chromium special wear-resistant cast iron, the surface hardness after heat treatment HRC60-65, each batch of accessories are inspected by appearance and material; Fully enclosed dial type, easy to adjust the ejection Angle and ejection direction, to ensure accurate ejection area position. Shot blasting wheel: Outside the central part of the shot blasting machine is a directional sleeve, which sends the abrasive through the opening on the directional sleeve to the end of the blade near the throwing head. Due to the action of centrifugal force, the abrasive particles accelerate along the length direction of the blade and reach the tip of the blade to form a fan beam at a very high speed and impact the workpiece surface. Impeller: refers to a wheel equipped with a moving blade, which is an integral part of the impulse turbine rotor. It also refers to the general name of the wheel and the rotating blade mounted on it. It is a common wear part of shot blasting machine. Linkage disc, arc blade, end protection plate, top protection plate are commonly used parts of shot blasting machine, Bon Zhi machinery accessories are well-made, wear-resistant, high chromium cast iron material.

Matters needing attention

Just replace the parts do not seek cheap to prevent the second rework