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What are the industries that make money online? (Network anchor)

2018-04-02 17:36:56

Network developed today, relying on computers to make money is already a well-known thing, so in the vast network to earn, the network white should how to open their own network to earn it, the road is more suitable for their own? The most conservative and common method of heart knot to talk about a little.


Select the platform. At present, many network broadcast platforms have no threshold to recruit anchors. Open it up and the hosts are improvising, and the fans are painting gifts, and they're making money. Sitting in front of the computer, without the sun and wind to have an income, is very enviable. First, choose a popular live streaming platform, which is very critical.


She's pretty. Whether you are a natural beauty or an artificial beauty, beautiful appearance is absolutely the first condition for being an anchor. Even if you are average looking, you can have strong makeup skills. When you open the beauty or filter during the live broadcast, what comes out of the screen is also a beautiful girl. That said, appearance is definitely a must in the livestreaming industry.


Talent. When the anchor will at least 1-2 talent shows, sing a song to the viewers, dance, are the means of attracting fans. The worst thing is to tell a few jokes, especially pornographic jokes, which most people like to listen to, and have become the usual routine of anchors. If you are versatile, do not worry, the number of fans absolutely dilly-dally rise.


Maintenance of fans. With fans, there will be gifts, there is rice to earn, and the maintenance of fans is very important. Must ensure that online 2-3 hours a day, more unlimited, some anchors can sit in front of the computer screen for a day, for fear that fans like him can not see him. Occasionally to give fans welfare is also essential, don't be stingy yo, should give fans sweet, must give.


Joining a team is better than going it alone. If it's a small fight, just to earn three melons and two dates to play on their own. If you want to develop, anchor as a career, you must have a team. You can't get up the team for a while, you can join the team of others, learn, explore experience, and slowly strengthen yourself.


In addition to the above points, there are some taboos of being an anchor. 1. Pay attention to scale. Although the freedom of speech, freedom of behavior, but when the anchor is living in the public eye, improper speech and behavior, to their own reputation and image caused by the bad impact is not worth the loss. 2. Treat it like a job. Don't take it seriously. To put it bluntly, when the anchor is to make money, so everything should not be angry with fans or other anchors, play a temper, think about the consequences, don't be stubborn. 3, live broadcast is entertainment work, many people look at the live map is a joy, try not to spread negative emotions and information all day, easy to lose powder ah ~

Matters needing attention

Anchor can be small, absolutely not too much.