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What are the delicious snacks in the street

2018-04-01 22:24:40

The street is famous in the urban area, but, you know, if you go to the street to play, where do you need to eat what kind of food?


Oil spin this or to eat more authentic, this is a more distinctive famous snack. Small, crunchy, it tastes delicious, you can try it.


Maruko this is nothing special, it seems that many places have, but in the area, or try a roadside, there are a lot of people in line, I have tasted, the taste is invincible temptation.


The crystal dumpling has only a small door, and only one person can stand inside, but the sea in line has gone. Personal may not like to eat dumplings, but my friends love it.


Stinky tofu This stinky tofu street before, recently, there are several, but several homes, only one is queuing to buy. It's mainly the little pickles in it. It's delicious. It's addictive. It's a matter of seconds.


Lotus leaf rice this we must go to taste, of course, in the winter, no. In summer and autumn, the lotus leaf rice, it is called a fragrance ah, there is the smell of lotus in it, it is absolutely a unique, personal love.


Durian shortcake this is one of my big fans, but some people may not like to eat durian, there is no way. Here I recommend the one that goes down the alley. It's not only delicious, but also reasonably priced.


Rice skin want to eat authentic rice skin, there is also a family of rice skin in the street, of course, rice skin may be the same, mainly the chili oil is different, this chili oil is definitely transported to the northwest.


Duck blood fans this is not my dish, but it is quite popular in the street, two floors, at the time of meal, it is full, visible popularity. I can not eat fans, but here is still recommended to outsiders.


"Xu" noodle restaurant this must be recommended, the noodles of this house is really delicious, do not know what secret recipe to do. And because it is small, so, I eat once, the longest queue for an hour and a half, I go, delicious ah.


Fried tofu This tofu fried out, put a layer of chili foam on the surface, eat up is not so delicious, but, it can be spicy comfortable, however, health may not be too good, here, we can have a little taste.