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What are the cultivation and yellow leaf treatment methods of potted Taiwan bamboo?

2018-04-22 16:00:29

The humidity of the plant environment should be controlled in the daily cultivation of Taiwan bamboo. Not directly exposed to sunlight; Fertilization: The fertilization of plants should be mainly light fertilizer. The yellow leaves of the plant may be water shortage or stagnant water. Usually to control water and insect pests, what are the cultivation and yellow leaf treatment methods of potted Taiwan bamboo? Let's give you a brief introduction.


Humidity The humidity of the plant's environment must be around 80%. If humidity is low, the leaves of the plant will turn yellow and the tips will wither.


Temperature Plants are best grown in an environment of about 20℃. In order not to bring cold damage to the plants in winter, protective measures are taken.


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When the fertilizer water is applied on the plant, the light fertilizer is the main fertilizer, the concentration is low, and the fertilizer is more. When watering plants, water them during the winter when daytime temperatures are high and reduce the amount in order not to get frostbite.


Soil Plants have strict requirements on the soil. Plants are easy to stay in the fertile loose sandy soil, and the nature of the soil is slightly acidic.


See if there is water shortage or water accumulation. The leaves of the plant turned yellow from lack of water and too much water. Be careful when controlling the amount of water.


Look at the plant and see if it's diseased. When disease occurs, the plants must be sprayed with insecticide to remove the yellow leaves.