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What are the common home decoration waterproof materials and their characteristics

2018-03-06 01:36:00

In the process of home decoration, the use of waterproof materials in home decoration is indispensable. Some places of use with frequent water environments, such as kitchens, balconies, bathrooms, etc., need to use waterproof materials for waterproof treatment. So what are the common home decoration waterproof materials and their characteristics. First, the ratio of flexible mortar emulsion and mortar is 5:4, which is elastic, even if the deformation and cracking of the base will not affect the waterproof effect. It is mostly used for facing the surface of the wall and the ground, and can not be used for the back surface of the top surface, if the waterproof is not done well, there is water penetration, it is easy to pack water seepage. Second, polyurethane indoor and outdoor use, brush is very thick, about 3 mm, and the elastic tension is more than 300%, very elastic, any cracking of the substrate will not make it crack, waterproof effect is the best. Although the safety performance is controlled in the environmental protection requirements, the smell of this waterproof coating is larger, which is difficult for ordinary people to accept, and the environmental performance of very individual waterproof brands is not up to standard. Polyurethane is gelatinous, very thick, the construction needs to use scraper, very laborious, more complex. Third, hard mortar is also called rigid mortar: the ratio of emulsion and mortar is 1:4, after brushing, there is no need to treat the coating, and it can be directly affixed to the brick, which is more convenient. Solidified to form a cement block, will not bag seepage, its back water waterproof effect is very good, is its biggest advantage. The disadvantage is that this mortar has high hardness and is easy to crack with the deformation and cracking of the base, so it is generally used for waterproof of the back water surface. Fourth, the coil class is also used in part of the decoration! The advantage is that the price is low and the waterproof effect is not bad! Most of the waterproof coatings on the market belong to water-soluble materials, and various businesses also claim that water-soluble waterproof coatings are environmentally friendly materials, and most of them say that oil-soluble waterproof coatings are not environmentally friendly. In fact, it is not water-soluble or oil-soluble waterproof coating, as long as it has passed the relevant national environmental protection certification, China environmental Mark certification or CTC product environmental protection, quality certification, these materials are environmentally friendly and reliable. Acrylic waterproof coating Acrylic waterproof material is a pure acrylic copolymer or pure propionate emulsion, adding an appropriate amount of high-quality filler, auxiliary configuration, is a synthetic resin class single-component waterproof coating. For water-soluble paint, can be diluted with water, conjunctiva after greater elasticity and ductility, waterproof effect is significant, the price is moderate, home improvement is preferred, but in the decoration of only some larger decoration use, compared with, it is still high price!