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What are the best places to shop in Macau Macau all kinds of shopping recommendations

2018-03-03 06:24:00

Although Macao's shopping fame is not as loud as Hong Kong's, but the average shopping price in Macao is about 70% to 20% off the mainland, plus discount activities are generally held during holidays.


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The Big Shopping is the largest indoor shopping in Macau, located on the third floor of the Venetian Macao Resort and wine, with an area of 968,000 square feet, gathering more than 350 shopping merchants, here operating a variety of fashion brands, luxury goods, cosmetics, clothing and handmade goods, etc., the famous DFS duty free is also located here. Here, enjoy shopping at the same time, you can walk on both sides of the small stone road, enjoy the unique street performances in the square; Take a gondola boat on the river, under the beautiful song of the boatman, feel the ancient romantic style of Venice.


The No. 1 Plaza next to Wynn Hotel is the flagship shopping place for the world's brands, the most popular shopping place for brands in Macau, and the flagship shopping landmark of the heart. With a total area of 200,000 square feet, the shopping mall not only provides customers with comfortable and spacious shopping space: the shopping mall is a three-story building with unique architectural style; With the characteristic external walls and window decoration of the multi-storey and duplex flagships, the appearance of the shopping mall is unique. Individual brands have the largest flagships and specialties in Asia. Every year, there is a discount season at One Macau Plaza, usually in summer July and winter December. But they will adjust slightly according to the market situation.


Macau's most popular shopping mall is huge and has everything available at much cheaper prices than mainland China and even Hong Kong. Business products include all kinds of clothing, bedding, household appliances, all kinds of toys, cosmetics, shoes and hats, furniture, kitchenware, etc., all kinds of brand-name goods in the mall are available. There are supermarkets in the building to buy daily necessities, and you can go to the tea restaurant on the top floor to enjoy it when you are tired.


It is home to the latest fashions of each season and more than 80 internationally renowned brands. The first floor is the fashion and accessories area, and the second floor is the luxury watch and jewelry shopping area. Let you enjoy a dazzling array of surprises at one time, into an unforgettable trip to Macau.


The shopping plaza is connected to the Venetian Shopping Mall and the Four Seasons, and the shopping mall is 3 storeys high, covering an area of 400,000 square feet, distributed in the basement and the second and third floors. The design has a rainforest theme and introduces a lot of natural light. In addition, there are 17 restaurants in the plaza and 23 restaurants in the food court "Kofook" on the 3rd floor. Besides shopping, you can also enjoy the food.

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