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What are the ancient wedding ceremonies?

2018-03-18 20:48:00

Nowadays, many traditions have been lost in the river of time, and the wedding ceremony is still an ancient tradition in many areas, but many areas have forgotten the complicated steps and rituals. So let's remember the ancient wedding ceremony.




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Marriage in the Tang Dynasty: conclusion: that is, engagement and marriage. In the traditional "six rites", Natai, ask the name, Naji, and Na Yuan (under the bride price) belong to the procedure of engagement, and the date and kiss welcome belong to the procedure of marriage. It can be seen that even though the traditional etiquette, there are four sets of engagement procedures, is the focus. In wedding etiquette, after entering the wedding room, there are several considerations. First, but fan, in ancient times, the bride used a fan to cover the face, to be left after worship. It is called "but fan", and the same as the makeup poem said earlier, the man also has to do but fan poetry. Copy one: do not have to face muddy makeup but, keep two eyebrows to draw people. The city wind wax torch cold, tapestry open Lu Xiang Luan, has known the Qin female immortal state, the circle light off. Mo fanned the painting out of the curtains to cover the spring mountains. If the reunion is like a bright moon, this only need to put osmanthus flowers.


Marriage in the Song Dynasty: The groom offered sacrifices before welcoming his bride out, knelt down, and accepted his father's instruction: "Go to welcome you and accept my duties." Encouraging rate to respect, if there is always "groom replied:" No. In fear. I dare not forget my life." When the bride was at home, her father gave her the same warning: "Caution." I have not disobeyed my aunt's orders day and night." The bride's mother arranges the bride's crown and shawl, instructing, "Encourage and respect them." Never fail to do so."


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Yuan Dynasty wedding banquet: After the wedding returned to the man's home, the bride and groom got off the car and horse, and first circled the yurt three times. The bride and groom then walk through two high fires to be washed by the fire god. It shows the purity of love and the prosperity of new life. After the bride and groom enter the yurt, they first worship the Buddha, and then meet their parents and relatives. After the ceremony, comb the bride's hair by the forehead Ji. After dressing and dressing, wait for the wedding reception to begin. The wedding banquet is usually arranged sheep back or the whole sheep mat, all kinds of milk food, candy everything. At the wedding banquet, the groom carries a silver pot, the bride holds a silver bowl, and offers Hada and wedding wine to the elders, relatives and friends one by one. The boys raised their silver cups and drank freely; The girls sang along with the horse head fiddle. The wedding often lasts for two or three days before relatives and friends leave. And the woman to give her parents to stay with the bride for one to three days.


The wedding banquet in the Qin Dynasty: Urging makeup to send makeup to shop house these three ritual festivals are not recorded in the pre-Qin literature, and are developed by the descendants in the evolution of the wedding. Urge makeup, is the men's family to send people with gifts to urge women to make makeup for the bride as soon as possible. In the Song Dynasty, three days before the kiss, the men's family sent makeup flower bun, sales of gold cover, flower fan and other things to the women's family, the women's family answered with gold and silver double victory royal, Luohua Pu head, green robe, boots and other things. Send makeup, is pro-welcome a few days ago, the female family sent dowry to the men's family ceremony. Dowry is often packed with boxes, and there are people to show off dowry, the dowry is spread out with square tables one by one, and is sent to the men's home in a column. Dowry usually has chests, bedding, jewelry, clothing, silk, four treasures of the study and gold and silver utensils, and land houses, shops, pawnshops as dowry.


Modern wedding reception: Decide the wedding date, location, ceremony and wedding reception method determine the wedding budget, draft the guest list, gather good friends to discuss the wedding plan, determine the best man and bridesmaids determine the wedding witness before the wedding preparation and communication with all the project stakeholders of the wedding, communicate with parents on the wedding preparation plan and progress, send a happy post to relatives and friends, notify relatives and friends in other places, and confirm the attendance of relatives and friends. Determine the wedding day auxiliary personnel, clear division of labor (coordination between men and women, wine coordination, firecrackers, wine welcome, wedding sign-up, wedding candy distribution, wedding site and wine bridal room layout, wedding car, photography, video).

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