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What are the advantages of rubber shock absorbers

2018-04-30 11:12:08

Rubber shock absorbers have always been a hot favorite in shock absorbers, not only because it has been used in a variety of vehicles, but also in a variety of vibration instruments, which can be said to be everywhere. Why it is so popular, which must have its advantages in a brief summary of the following points. Rubber shock absorbers have the following advantages:


Full environmental adaptability, long storage time, long service life: resistance to high and low temperature (-80℃--100℃), salt spray, mold, moisture, ozone, grease, vacuum, nuclear radiation, dust and various organic solvent corrosion;


Variable stiffness characteristics: the relationship between load and deformation is nonlinear, that is, the stiffness is gradually softening, which will reduce the "natural frequency" of the system space in each direction: the "natural frequency" of the product decreases with the increase of the external excitation level, so it has good vibration isolation effect;


Variable damping characteristics: the damping in the resonance area increases significantly, which can effectively suppress the resonance peak value, and the damping in the isolation area decreases rapidly, so it has excellent damping and vibration reduction characteristics.


Compact structure, small size, light weight;


Low creep, to avoid the wire, guide due to impact tear, cracking, and equipment sinking, tilt caused by rigid collision: no self-excited oscillation phenomenon;


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