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What are some romantic weddings on a budget?

2018-03-18 16:00:00

No matter which part of the wedding, a set of tied down, have tens of thousands of dollars, but a perfect romantic wedding does not have to spend a lot of money to do, in fact, romance can be very simple, the following talk about marriage on marriage network Xiaobian for you to collect several more economic and romantic theme wedding!


Lawn wedding romantic index: blue sky, warm sunshine, warm breeze, in such a comfortable environment, green grass paved into our guests carpet, flowers built into our arch to happiness. Getting rid of the limitations of traditional weddings held indoors, young people who advocate romance are more willing to hold their own weddings in a relaxed and happy atmosphere in nature. Rather than a wedding, it would be more appropriate to define it as a gathering of extended family and friends. Lively atmosphere, wonderful music, innocent children, rich buffet, in this most festive atmosphere, people witness a new couple hand in hand to open their bright future. Suitable for the crowd: Advocating comfortable and natural, attach importance to the quality of life people PS: In the process of the wedding, the groom timely for the bride to sing a love song that can most move her (since playing and singing is more perfect), so emotional moment, will make the bride moved.


Fairy tale wedding Romance Index: ★★★★ There is no girl in the world who will not be moved by a delicate and romantic fairy tale wedding. How wonderful it was to wear beautiful dresses and wait for the prince of your dreams to take you away on a white horse, and then, as the fairy tale says, "they lived happily ever after." While it's impossible for ordinary people to get married at a castle in a diamond-studded train dress and in a pumpkin carriage like Cinderella's when she met the prince, with a little thought, you can create your own fairy tale wedding. Decide on a fairytale setting and plot it out. Then the couple can relive their childhood dreams with guests dressed as the characters. Suitable for the crowd: pure and romantic, childlike people PS: In addition to the prince, princess mode, there are many themes that can be developed. Wouldn't it be fun for the couple to dress up as cuddly Winnie the Pooh and change the champagne tower pouring ritual to making mead instead?


For thousands of years, the sea with its unique broad, inclusive, deep temperament has attracted countless couples to come to its side to tell each other. If you can hold a wedding in the ocean and hold a worship ceremony at the bottom of the sea, then for the couple it is really the closest expression of each other's never-changing vows. Generally held under the sea wedding, to find a seaside area with diving facilities, of course, but also to find a diving witness. During the ceremony, your guests will only be small fish on the bottom of the sea, but after the ceremony is over and the couple comes ashore, they can receive blessings from friends and family. Suitable for the crowd: active thinking, the pursuit of novel and exciting people PS: Fireworks at the seaside is how many romantic love drama in the common lens, tricks are not afraid of old, use on the line. Imagine the fireworks blooming in the night sky must be as gorgeous and beautiful as the love of the new people.


Bar Wedding Romance Index: ★★★ In some special cases, some couples may have two weddings. The first is to take care of the elderly parents of both sides and is held in a very formal form. And the second is all about a bunch of good friends getting together and having another fun. The happiest and most memorable moment in life is the wedding ceremony, and who wouldn't want to make this happiness double and continue? The second wedding new people can choose a small bar with style, in this atmosphere friends will be very relaxed, singing, dancing, playing games, everyone will have a good time. Set up a sign-in wall at the entrance to the bar featuring the couple's cartoon characters and ask them to sign their own creative wishes. Suitable for the crowd: the new person is lively at the same time, there is also a group of friends who love to play romantic magic weapon: book a batch of special red wine in advance - the bottle label of these red wine is the wedding photo of the new person, the production date is the wedding date of the new person, the shelf life is everlasting. Give the wine to the guests and let everyone share your joy.


Mountain wedding Romance Index: Don't emulate the New Zealand couple who got married on a dangerous iceberg, the perfect wedding is not for others to see, but to touch your heart. Couples who like to show their individuality and pursue freedom can choose to climb a relatively safe mountain to complete your wedding ceremony. Climbing the mountain with like-minded lovers, you conquer the mountain at the same time, you also conquer each other's hearts. Looking at the beautiful scenery in the distance, the new people will work together to meet the challenges of life in the future! The sky is the evidence, the cloud is the evidence, the pine is the evidence, the rock is the evidence, let the beloved people rely on each other until the sky is old. Suitable for people: brave and personality, like to meet the challenge of people PS: with a special meaning of stone products to commemorate your wedding. On the stone can be carved on your name, wedding date, love declaration, etc., to the lover as a sweet memorial.