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Website planning and design

2018-05-13 09:36:23

The development of the network has brought people a huge flow of information services, and the development of various types of websites has shown a blowout state. To make a web, you need to carefully plan the website, and you must realize that only successful planning is the basis for the success of the website. The rationality of the design and the artfulness of the idea are further sublimated on the basis of the planning. Most people "judge a book by its cover" before they can consider the services of a website. So we want to pursue a beautiful picture of the web page! You can't go wrong with fine things!


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Website planning and design process! 1, the market analysis, website production must do things! 2. Define the development goals and functions of the website. 3. Technical requirements: Whether the technology required to complete the website can be realized. 4, confirm the content of the website: that is, through what form of expression, the performance needs to express the content. 5, estimate the cost: through the method of comparison, estimate the cost required. 6. Test plan: the test nodes and test methods of the website development process, and the way to confirm the performance realization. 7, maintenance plan: the maintenance of the website, personnel, funds, etc. 8, complete the report: This is the final result of the website planning and design process, can determine whether to develop this website!


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Clear website design requirements! 1, the website page structure design, convenient design and development. 2, page style design, for a specific group of people. 3, the color of the page is suitable for the preferences of the user group. 4, the functional design of the website must be clear and clear. 5, website layout, can clearly express the goal. 6, interactive experience, must be convenient for users. 7, display form: direct and convenient, brief and bright! 8, the picture quality should be exquisite, respect the viewer's favor! 9, the content is simple, a look to understand! 10, emphasis on website scalability and upgrading, maintainability.


Complete the site plan book! 1, through the market analysis of the website target, complete the extraction and sorting of needs, to achieve the positioning of the website! 2, determine the website section and style, reasonable planning of the website section, concise and clear, establish their own style, the website column is clear and clear! 3, determine the development of technology, software technology, hardware technology. 4, the development of the website's home page, so that visitors understand the site's services and goals, because this is the starting point for users to become customers. 5, determine the structure of the website navigation, which is the way to guide customers to use the website. 6. Clarify and integrate the functions of the website. 7, the development of web page revision plan, basically 1 year. (not required) 8, website construction and maintenance cost planning. 9. Website maintenance and content update. 10. Website test plan. 11. Website release and promotion plan


Expert review, which is necessary, confirms the implementation of the plan through the review of the above results.


Modify and confirm the planning and design of the website!

Matters needing attention

The construction needs of the website are gradually detailed.


Therefore, requirements verification and tracking are particularly important.