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Website construction: What are the types of enterprise website construction

2018-04-14 17:36:58

Type of website! What are the types of enterprise website construction! Enterprise website construction, the author has many years of experience in the construction of the enterprise website, personal summary of the category of enterprise website construction, in this particular to not very understand the website construction industry of new people to popularize the type of website, to facilitate the new people who want to enter the line and customers to learn to understand. What are the types of websites? Under normal circumstances, the construction of enterprise website is mainly divided into the following categories, here HostEase host space is a brief introduction to the construction.


Standard display corporate website Standard display corporate website is the most common corporate website on the Internet. Generally, there is no special system function, the standard design, simple, direct, to show the strength and product information, and clearly convey the information of the enterprise website to the visiting user. This kind of website generally does not have a strong sense of prominence, so it is more suitable for schools, industrial entities or enterprises, but in the face of many types of websites, this kind of website is generally difficult to remember.


The official website of the enterprise that displays the brand will generally pay attention to the display of image and culture, and usually have high-end corporate website template page design. This kind of website has extremely high requirements for web design, and also has high requirements for the front-end design of enterprise website construction, and the entire website generally has good interactivity and rich display functions. The users who generally use this kind of website are: high-end luxury industry such as jewelry, listed large enterprises, culture and so on.


Marketing website page Marketing website page, also known as transactional website, this kind of website is actually a long independent page, in a page to fully demonstrate the advantages of enterprise products, strength, clearly convey the value of the product. Such pages generally have the ability to break the concerns of network users and make network users want to buy through seductive marketing. This kind of website is very popular in recent years, and it is very useful for enterprises with network promotion departments, such as bidding, as long as the concept and method of this kind of web design are in place, you can get a very high conversion rate.


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Powerful functional websites Functional websites generally have a powerful system, the use of such websites are generally: classified information websites (network), dating sites (lily network), online examination systems. In addition, similar to Tudou, Youku, recruitment network are also this type of website platform.


This kind of website generally has a very good creative design, through various technologies to achieve the interactivity of the website page and the special effects of the front page display. Most of the construction of such websites are creative or, there are also some operating children's products toys use this website to attract children's attention.


Full marketing enterprise website Full marketing enterprise website actually does not refer to a certain type of website, but the use of computer websites, websites, websites for a full range of cross-platform marketing of a form, three stations in one is a good summary of this form. At present, the concept of three-station integration is proposed, and the self-service station construction system produced by it can build three stations at a time and unify the three-station construction mode of the background management. This website building mode is very suitable for the current small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out network promotion and publicity, and quickly seize the Internet market.


The above is the current type of corporate website, I hope that you novice webmasters or users who want to build a website can learn from it, and can choose the right type of corporate website construction work when carrying out corporate website construction.