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Ways to improve office quality

2018-05-09 16:00:38

People who are engaged in mental work always have a headache when they encounter difficult problems, work very hard but always encounter bottlenecks, so that the original plan can not proceed smoothly, when the work encounters stagnation, they think that they are not enough, but feng shui also plays a certain role. Whether it is the boss or the grass-roots staff, the orientation and indoor furnishings are crucial. The position of the aura of Geely is helpful to people's strategy, courage, wisdom, fortune and official career, so that it is more favorable to play their talents and talents, and the environment will naturally affect the correct decision, the success or failure of the career and the rise and fall of the business. Due to the wide variety of occupations in today's society, everyone's life bureau combination is different, feng shui layout, naturally is not the same, we summarize some principles that should be observed


1) Avoid sitting behind the door If the desk is placed near the door, people sit behind the door, which is the first basic point of desk placement. The door is the only place for people to enter, it is the air outlet, and it is also the place for receiving air, including anger and breath. If people sit with the door on their back, there is no reliance behind the seat, and there are people coming and going behind the noise impact, for a long time, the people sitting in this position will often be in a subconscious state of tension, sometimes feel as if someone is watching, resulting in messy thoughts, decision-making mistakes, and not doing everything well, always feel dry, and even have poor kidney function, back pain, and so on. Meet villains at work, things wrong, etc. This situation is called "cold wind blowing back" in feng shui. Solution: First, adjust the position of the desk, change to the position of not sitting on the back door; However, for the small staff it is not easy to adjust the position of the desk, because the position of many desks is placed because of the needs of the work, then we can choose a chair with a back to sit, so that behind not only rely on, but also block the impact of clutter.


2) Avoid sitting by the window of the corridor window is an air intake of the house, will include anger or breath, but the window of the pedestrian corridor will not only include the noise of coming and going, but also the sound of pedestrian footsteps, noise, and other noises that interfere with their work. If the desk is placed under the pedestrian window, it is equivalent to placing the writing desk under some shapes; If you need to study secrets, you will naturally worry about some unsupervised people. It's hard to work at a desk near a window. Solution: The desk should be slightly away from the window as far as possible, and the distance from the window is not clear for the people in the aisle to see the documents on the desk. At the same time, we should also use curtains, often cover the window with curtains, to avoid the shadow shaking back and forth outside the window to affect the thinking of workers.


3) There are now many high-grade Windows with bright floor-to-ceiling Windows, overlooking the group of buildings, there is a kind of high comfort. Some people like to place the desk parallel to the window, set the seat between the desk and the floor-to-ceiling window, and use the window as the backer, so placed the desk position is also wrong. The rear window is as useless as the rear door. The window is the entrance of light and gas, and the theory is the same as not sitting behind the door. Solution: First, adjust the position of the desk; The second is to choose a seat with a high back.


4) From the perspective of feng shui science, the first principle of good feng shui is "mountain encircling water", that is to say, behind the mountain to rely on, to prosper people, in front of the water to surround, to prosper wealth. Therefore, behind the seat must have a backer to benefit the career of workers, the so-called "backer" is a wall, the seat should be as close to the wall as possible, and it is best not to leave too much space between the wall and the seat.