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Vietnam Mong Street free tour guide

2018-04-03 06:24:27

Vietnam Mong Street is Vietnam and even Asia a small well-known tourist resort, this street can bring tourists a lot of surprises, a lot of tourists are very much looking forward to travel here, Vietnam Mong Street tourism guide for tourists to introduce the tourism charm of Mong Street, can let tourists feel the charm of Mong Street in advance. Vietnam Mong Street tour introduction.


When leaving the door, remember to declare the camera and camera with you, so as to avoid unnecessary explanation when returning to the customs.


Vietnamese is the main language spoken in Vietnam, and apart from those in the tourism industry such as wine and restaurants, very few people can speak English, so it is useful to learn a few words of Vietnamese.


Mong Street is located in the north of Vietnam is a very close to our country a small town, the east is close to the Beibu Gulf, the west and Lang son mountains and other cities, an area of 520 square kilometers, in the local people are mainly Jing people, is a relatively developed tourism, is a tourist destination in Vietnam, is the north of Vietnam's largest trade market, not only that, Mong Street is also Vietnam's main agricultural area, agriculture is mainly planting industry, industry is mainly mining, or Vietnam's most important coal production base, rich in a lot of high-quality anthracite, is a pivotal tourist destination in Vietnam. Vietnam Mong Street shopping specialty. Vietnam Mong Street is a veritable tourist shopping paradise, where almost all of Vietnam's tourist specialties are gathered, and tourists will certainly gain a lot. Vietnam's very authentic wood carving crafts, wooden vases, wooden jewelry boxes, lacquer painting, Vietnamese perfume and so on are the most popular among tourists, which wood carving crafts and lacquer painting is the most able to reflect the representative of local culture, not only has a very rich pattern, but also quite exquisite carving skills. In addition to these very authentic shopping specialties in Mang Street, the most unique Mang Street is the most popular coal carvings among locals. The style of coal carvings is very rich, and the style is novel and the shape is strange. Tourists can enjoy the charm of high-quality anthracite in Mang Street, and the buffalo horn carvings here are also very attractive to tourists. In addition, the gold and silver jewelry and jade here are deeply loved by the majority of female tourists. Vietnam Mong Street shopping precautions. Vietnam Mong Street this tourist resort has a lot of shopping places to attract tourists, here the No. 1, No. 2, No. 3 and distribution market is the most popular shopping places for tourists, in these places tourists can buy the most pure and authentic local goods, must be inexpensive. In addition, shopping in these places, tourists also need to pay attention to some of the entry and exit prohibited goods, general drinks are required to buy limited, and some snacks are strictly prohibited, these are the need for tourists to pay special attention to.


To travel to Vietnam Mong Street, you can pass from the port, only across the river, the opposite is Vietnam. If you go to the local, you can find a local tour guide or travel agency, pay 220 yuan per person, (it is recommended not to overpressure the price, it is best to let the Chinese tour guide to take you together, do not travel at a lower price, otherwise, they can not think, will rob you in Vietnam, you have no door to complain.) Adults can get a visa in two hours with their ID card. Children need to bring the original account book, if you forget to bring the account book, you can ask your family to fax or scan to the travel agency, need to add 100 yuan per child.


When we went through the customs, we met the crossing personnel to the Chinese people to ask for bribes, and the people next to us told us that as long as you insist on not giving, you will soon be released, and you will not speed up the processing if you give money, and now you do not need a health certificate to pass the customs, we must refuse to ask for money because of the health certificate. We got on a boat on a border river and in a few minutes, we were in Vietnam, and the guide told us that we had to return the same day, not to go to the casino, anything else. Off the boat, there will be motorcycles on the river side to take passengers straight to the city of Mang Street. The city is very small, are and go to the Chinese businessmen, some Chinese businessmen, often impersonate overseas Chinese in Vietnam, and the position must be the customs chief, do not you come from which province, he must be your fellow countrymen, exotic villagers, he will be at a particularly low price, sell you seized smuggled items, : Rolex watches, Nokia, many Chinese people fooled.


If you want to try the local cuisine, try the Vietnamese rice noodles. Vietnamese chicken powder has a long reputation, especially with fish sauce to eat, more flavor, tourists who like to eat snacks must try, the price of a bowl of powder is about 8 yuan. Some people say that eating fish sauce is equivalent to going to Vietnam.


There are a lot of local mahogany merchants, mainly sold to the Chinese market, some mahogany furniture style and Huanghua pear, green sandalwood, rosewood woodcut, also mainly based on Chinese tradition, Guan Gong, God of wealth, etc., the overall feeling, Chinese traditional culture here, better than in the development. Other than the language, it feels like the South.

Matters needing attention

Required documents: ID card, passport, credit and debit card printed with Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay; Chinese e citizens may not take more than 20,000 RMB per person abroad.


Backpack is best to use backpack, hat, sunglasses, umbrella, short sleeves, shorts, it is best to take a thin coat, because Vietnam air conditioning is extremely cold, do not take nine out of ten to catch a cold