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Vacuum cleaner common problems and solutions

2018-04-13 20:48:14

Provide a full range of vacuum cleaner introduction, teach you how to choose vacuum cleaners and product selection and experience knowledge, skills, etc., to solve the problems you encounter in the purchase and use

Solutions to common problems and

1, small household vacuum cleaner to choose how much power is appropriate?


If you choose a small household vacuum cleaner, of course, you should choose the suction is large enough and the noise is small, generally choose a small vacuum cleaner with a power of 800W and above, and choose according to the noise, it is best to lower than 87 decibels


2, how to reduce the noise of the vacuum cleaner?


According to zhenxing8.com, a ranking of brand vacuum cleaners, we know that in order to reduce the noise of vacuum cleaners, certain noises can be effectively reduced by the sealing degree of the machine and the noise reduction technology of everyone. If the user wants to effectively reduce the noise, the best way is to adjust the size of the power, so as to reduce the noise, in general household cleaning, basically with the minimum power can be completed, so that the vacuum cleaner noise will be reduced a lot, and effective energy saving. Another is that in the process of use, opening the family window can effectively reduce the noise echo.


This article illegal climbing is taken from experience


3. Why does the vacuum cleaner get hot?


After users who have not used household vacuum cleaners receive the product, they find that the surface of the scale correction machine is a little hot, and they will doubt or even dare not use it. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon, because the vacuum cleaners on the market are the use of series motor, series motor high-speed operation (about 40,000 revolutions per minute), in the process of forming a vacuum will be a lot of heat, the current "national standard" requirements are through a variety of open heat dissipation methods, in the outlet space temperature below 65 degrees, It is normal for vacuum cleaners to have a temperature appreciation that meets the requirements.


4, Can the vacuum cleaner suck hair, pet hair, or vacuum bags?


These are all suction, but here to remind you that if you inhale a lot of hair or paper balls, sometimes these debris will be blocked in a certain part of the suction, so that it may affect the size of the suction and exhaust heat dissipation, resulting in the vacuum cleaner's load is too large (a long time may cause motor damage), when the suction is found to be significantly reduced, At this time, you need to use wire to poke it out in time. Personal recommendations do not install a brush head when suction hair, directly with suction. END